Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday is our Funday- Field Trip #433 Easton Town Center

When I am winging it solo with all four little kids, I just plan a field trip. Regardless of the fact that it was Sunday, I decided to make a plan to avoid boredom, meltdowns, whining and fighting. Mainly my own.

Jeff was at work and Argenida was doing I am not sure what, so I packed up the crew and headed to Easton Town Center. We played tourist and acted as if we were from out of town.

After our visit to the Orlando Lego Store and the ensuing fiasco as we tried to leave, I made a deal with the kids. We would go inside, look around, play with the sample lego tables and leave nicely. There would be no drama. Capice?

I encouraged them to build and create all kinds of lego projects.

You can add this to the list of free field trips, so long as the kids know that you are not going to purchase any legos that day.

As I stood there supervising them I noticed that I was one of the few female customers in the place. Apparently, the lego store is a DAD mecca like Home Depot only with more kids in tow. Who knew?

Attention single moms, in addition to Whole Foods, you should get all dolled up and hang out at the Lego Store, the every other weekend dads

are there in full force. Despite the recession, there was a constant line at the registers and at full retail (shudder*%$#@!) the Dads were plunking down the big bucks for all kinds of super cool lego sets.

My kids played with the mini lego people.They are sold in a set of three, each with various parts. You can accessorize with hats, hair, outfits, tools, and hand held items. All types of lego mini people were lavishly created by my group; including the following:

Introducing.... Uncle Silvanas created by Eli, complete with moustache and dark clothing. If only the lego store had tax forms to place in the hands- that would have made this Silvan a dead ringer!

Here is Mommie by Natalie,notice the all black outfit and the ginormous yellow coffee mug? She selected the frazzled face too- oy, (I MUST GET BOTOX! ) that girl does not miss the important details. She did try to add a purse and high heels but sadly, those were not available for the mini lego people. I guess those items are reserved for that bitch, Barbie.

Natalie also made a group consisting of Charlotteand Neatums - two sisters, dressed the same. Afterwards, she added an Eli and a CJ to complete the four little kids.Natalie showed me the girls were wearing white blouses and jeans, and the boys had on the same shirts with their jeans. Of course the Slutsky kids are all matching in pairs. Again- Natalie knows how to document the facts. She went on to design mini lego tripletstwo boys and a girl. When I asked her the names, she rolled her eyes, sighed with utter frustration and said, "Mommie, it is us, you knew that!"

CJ was a fixture at the large lego city set.
I could not interest him in moving from the spot. He played independently for almost half an hour and could have played longer if I had not set the timer on my I-phone. Once the timer rang, all the kids quickly lined up to leave so that they could redeem themselves from the Orlando incident.

After we left nicely, I treated them to a yogurt from YAGOOT. Of course I bought the largest one they had

and split it into sample sized cups with the complimentary tasting spoons. It would have broken the bank to buy 4 smalls, so I got the big banana with chocolate chips and everyone seemed satisfied with my choice. They did look cute all perched up high,
on the counter stools. We made it out of the Yagoot shop without any real drama, aside from the never ever ending question, "Are they all yours?"

We took a trolley ride around the entire shopping center. The kids admired all the fountains,

shops and they pointed out the places they knew by the signage. I was a beaming with pride when they shouted, "Look a Starbucks!" Of course there are like 5 Starbucks at Easton so this happened a few times along the trolley route. They also identified the huge sign at Martini Park and commented on the enormous Martini glass with the green olive. I am sure the other passengers thought they were spawn of caffeine addicts and alcoholics but, whatever. I was proud nonetheless.

Because they behaved so well, I actually suggested that we return to the lego store and play again. Two times in one afternoon. This rocked their world. Eli said, "See guys, when we leave quietly without throwing a fit, Mommie lets us come back- good job CJ, Natalie and Charlotte!" I was cracking up and his praise of the situation.

We did some window shopping at Build A Bear and I am pleased to reportthat my kids still do not realize you can actually go into the store and make an overpriced stuffed animal. Tick, Tock, how much longer before they fully understand the real deal? I know I am on borrowed time.

So as tourists in Columbus my kids recommend the Lego Store, the Yogoot Shop, Window Shopping at Build A Bear, and the Trolley Tour of Easton Town Center.

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