Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Slutsky Triplets Cirque Du Soleil Troupe

My triplets are monkeys. They have been climbers from an early age. Remember when Eli would scale the baby gate as if it were a climbing a playground toy? To say that my children are talented gymnasts would be pushing it, but really, at this tender age, formal training is over-rated, right?

The kids attended a gymnastics birthday party. When we got there they were a little apprehensive about the place. I noticed that Natalie looked to Eli for reassurance that it would not be scary, and she held his hand for comfort.

Moments like these get me all choked up. They are so lucky to have each other. Someday, when they are at each other's throats because they have to share a car, I will show them these photos and tell them to just suck it up and quit fighting dammit.

After a few minutes, it was like they had been taking gymnastics for years, even though this was their first official time in a real gymnastics studio. I have never enrolled them in classes for, a, the cost of the sessions, (times three is outrageous)and b, because our schedule is crazy enough without adding another activity to the mix. After watching them today, I may have to re-think signing them up for gymnastics. Oy, the insanity of it.

These kids applied their G-d given monkey like behavior to the bars, beams, ropes and trapeze bars. I have my own Cirque du Soleil troupe in the making. We could always join the circus if the whole sales and marketing business tanks.

I was a bit shocked to discover how much they knew about all the equipment and how to use it. They knew how to use the various stations instinctively. I stood in awe.

CJ spent almost the entire free-time on the swinging trapeze. He rode it over the foam bricks and then plummeted himself into the pile.

About 117 times, giggling and smiling with each plop into the pit. This kid was in heaven.

Natalie split her free time between the beams,

trampolines and the uneven bars. It was fun to see her acting so fearless. After being so scared initially, I was pleasantly surprised watch her thrive.

Eli was all over the place. He experimented with the various stations

and was actually sweaty by the end of the birthday party.

So now I my eyes have been opened to the possibility of adding yet another activity to our routine. Hmmmmm, now I have to convince Jeff that we NEED to do this on a regular basis. I think I will pitch it as future job training. I doubt he will see the winning of Gold Medals, so I will spin it into an educational experience with the added benefit of bring home exhausted children.

So don't be shocked to see my kids modeling contortionist suits and leotards. If I am in charge of costumes and wardrobe, you know they will be all matching and coordinated. Coming soon to Columbus, Ohio, The Slutsky Triplets in their own version of Cirque du Soleil, the monkey edition.

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