Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Newest Multiples Game and Sport: Annoy the Piss out of Daddy

Every once in a while the kids come up with a new game. I encourage their expression of creativity and imaginary play. It saves us all from boredom. Let's face it, as a group, they have to keep busy and they thrive on competitive games and sports. They are four triplets and we all know that multiples are fiercely competitive with their siblings.

Fast forward to Sunday. Jeff was trying to take a little snooze on the couch in the playroom. In all fairness, he was asking for trouble, but the children saw this as an opportunity to play their new favorite game: ANNOY THE PISS OUT OF DADDY. This is a team sport with individual effort and score keeping.

As Jeff tried to nap, the kids decided to reek havoc by jumping off the couch. It all began innocently enough with just some high leaps and bounds from the back of the leather sofa onto the floor, using gravity to plummet them to the carpeted floor. Things quickly progressed and escalated to jumping off of Daddy as if he were a trampoline. I captured the moment

with my digital camera, and every once in a while, Jeff opened his eyes to see if this was for real.

A normal and sane person would have gotten up off the couch and moved to a different location, but not my husband, no. He endured the antics of ANNOY THE PISS OUT OF DADDY for twenty plus minutes. It went on so long that I decided to capture the show on video:

After the making of Annoy the Piss out of Daddy part one was rudely interrupted by Lenny and his barking, I was compelled to make a sequel. This is Annoy the Piss out of Daddy Part TWO:

When Jeff finally realized he was not going to be catching any real winks, he decided to join the kids in a game he calls, BEING THE FATHER OF FOUR SILLY SLUTSKYS. He gave them rides. He tossed them in the air. He instigated and fueled their wildness until he was completely winded. Then, he collapsed and posed for the following blog photos.

Jeff Slutsky is totally trying to win Father of the Year, and if he plays his cards right, this photowill be on his plaque. If you can't beat them, join them. Literally and Figuratively.

Annoy the Piss out of Daddy, it is a multiples thing!

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