Thursday, May 13, 2010

Partying with Jeff Slutsky, Jim Croce and Rodrigo y Gabriela

When Jeff and I had to go to Indianapolis for business, I called Uncle Silvan and invited him to join us for dinner. It turns out he was already thinking about making the trip from Fort Wayne to Indy to see a concert anyway, so I was able to twist his arm and get him to meet up with us.

We finished up our work and met for dinner in the Broad Ripple area. This is a charming, artsy, and diverse area of town. We were able to eat dinner at the Corner Wine Bar where we ordered various wine

samples, served as flights. Mine was aptly named the Sexy, Jeff had their Pinot Envy and Silvan, who held his wine glasses in a cleverly placed spot,ordered: A Little Wood. The wine tastings were awesome and we loved mocking the names.

We started with an appetizer of smokey, spicy, fried chick peas with lime zest
and followed it with the $12.95 special 6 ounce filet mignon with fresh green beans. The meal was perfect as we dined outdoors, drank wine, laughed and enjoyed our friendships before walking to the theater.

Silvan first saw Rodrigo y Gabriela on the Jay Leno Show.

He immediately went to you tube and googled them to find out more. Rodrigo y Gabriela are an awesome duo and when Silvan saw they were performing at The Vogue Theater in Indy he put it on his calendar. Little did Jeff and I know we were in for such an awesome musical treat.
The Vogue is one of those older, intimate, small venues where great acts come to town at a fair price. Good timing, eh?

The show was beyond amazing.

We stood in the balcony above the stage and were shoulder to shoulder with a 4 generation crowd. The guy next to us kept staring at Silvan and finally, half way through the warm up act, he decided that Silvan was a dead ringer for Jim Croce. We all laughed hysterically, then the 20 something guy went so far as to pull up google images on his i-phone, and held up the screen with this photo next to Silvan. We all agreed this pretty true, Jim Croce and Silvan are practically twins. So for the remainder of the concert, Silvan was known as Jim. Jeff shared a few Mexican beers with his friend and we jammed to Rodrigo y Gabriela.

Rodrigo y Gabriela appeal to every age because their talent is mind boggling. It is pure musical genius using just two guitars. The videos do not do them justice. Their sound is really unique because the create the music using only two guitars. If you are lucky enough to live anywhere near where they are in concert, I would urge you to see them in person. You can thank me later.

So my evening out with Jeff Slutsky, Jim Croce, Rodrigo y Gabriela was a smash hit. Nights like this are few and far between so when they happen you just thank your lucky stars. I am thankful for Argenida who stayed with the kids and allowed me the opportunity to be in the presence of greatness.

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