Friday, May 28, 2010

It is Official...the triplets have graduated on to Kindergarten

I now have three kindergarteners. Three down, one to go with regard to preschool. I can't believe it. These kids have LOVED school so much that I am hoping that Kindergarten is not a let down compared to their loving and amazing experience at Temple Beth Chanel.

I forced the kids to pose for photos outside of the small chapel with the beautiful stained glass wall as the background.

I should have known that Charlotte would want to be a part of the action. She kept saying, My turn, My Turn. The poor thing, this little ceremony was for everyone BUT her.

There were plenty of hugs and I love yous and the kids were each personally recognized by the teachers.

There were diplomas, gifts and a year in review DVD with a slide show of photos as highlights.

With festivities like these, you can see why my crew enjoyed going to school. Kindergarten has some big shoes to fill.

On the way home from the commencement ceremony, Natalie said it best. She said, "Hey guys, I know that preschool was sooooo soooo sooooo fun, but now we are gonna be in Kindergarten and Kindergarten is gonna rock!"

Rock on indeed.

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