Monday, May 10, 2010

I have SUCKER written on my forehead

When I saw the little marketing post card in our Florida House, I knew I was doomed. The card offered a complimentary 5x7 portrait with the resort photographer. I called, set up an appointment and figured, what the hell, maybe the kids will cooperate.

I got them dressed and ready for our slotted time when Jeff called and needed a ride back from his meeting. This was total conflict logistically, so I sent Argenida to the clubhouse and told her to surprise me. I went and fetched my husband and I hoped that the kids would totally behave for Argenida and the photographer. Sometimes, I think they listen to Argenida better than they listen to me, so I let her have at it.

Of course the kids gave up the good stuff for the session. I went to view the proofs and was amazed at some of the images. Having just had a professional do their Mother's Day gift photos, I was crazy to think we could do any better, right?


I must have had SUCKER written all over my forehead when I innocently showed up at the booth and asked to review the session. Between Argenida, the photographer, my kids, the Chez Ami coordinating clothes, and the tropical back drop, we had some real winners!

I browsed through the resort images and just smiled.

There were so many amazing poses with all kids smiling and looking great. So, I bit.the.bullet. I bought the cd with all the photos on it. SUCKER- right here folks. That's me. SUCKER!

It could have gone either way- we may have done the whole photo thing for one lousy, freebie 5x7 picture, or in my case, I got suckered into more than I bargained for- Congratulations to the photo studio at the Marriott Grand Vista, thanks to your swift marketing team, and the stellar photography, you got me. I am officially a sucker now. At least I am a sucker with some rock star pictures of my kids!

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Julie said...

Glad to know that I am not the only one who gets suckered into these photo deals. It happens everytime!

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