Friday, May 21, 2010

The Never Ending Holiday Celebrations-- now including, I LOVE YOU day

The kids were off from school in honor of Shavout. This threw me for a loop this week , with Jeff being gone Monday through Friday for a business trip. Let's face it, we just finished Passover, Mother's Day, Shavout, and we now have the newest happy holiday in the line up, I LOVE YOU day, followed by Shabbat. Oy, the madness.

In an attempt to celebrate the days following Shavout, the preschool created, I LOVE YOU DAY. This is like pajama day or any of the other rah rah rah educational themed days, only better because there is a message to be learned and subsequently, delivered. Who does not want their kids to learn about expressing love?

On Thursday it rained cats and dogs. Normally a field trip would rescue me from the non school day insanity, but instead, I succumbed to the pressure to get ready for the big I LOVE YOU day at school. (extreme sarcasm) We stayed in our pajamas all day and snuggled watching movies from the library. I am sure this is not the text book Torah way to do Shavout, but at the Slutskys, it was the best possible way to deal with kids off from school on a rainy day. Survival mode people, survival mode.

I dug out a bunch of Valentine's Day shit that I bought at Meijer for 90% off, and we crafted various love themed gifts for the triplet's classmates and teachers. We made more of those Martha Stewart photo cards from Big Lots.
I was amazed at how nicely the kids cut photos and pasted them to the mylar red hearts. For a last minute I LOVE YOU project, they turned out great.

I spent the remainder of Thursday picking up tiny scraps of paper and wiping down glue stick from various obscure surfaces, like the fridge door handle and the drawer pull on the silverware cabinet. I am not sure why or how they got a glob of glue on them, but thankfully I was able to wipe them clean.

There was no need to post on that site, as there was no permanent damage. Oh and yeah, we made it famous this week when on 5/19 the fine creators of featured our very own Natalie. I told you I should have started it first, Welcome to my world.

The triplets were excited to celebrate I LOVE YOU day. This was the holiday that followed Mother's Day so they had all kinds of ideas. They thought we should get cake, balloons, gifts and a pinata. While those were festive, we went with passing out the mylar hearts, photo cards and hugs instead.

CJ is in LOVE with his teacher Cathy.

He is gaga for Cathy (Cappy) and has plans to marry her if it does not work out with Remy. Eli showered his affection on his Li'elle
and he is so smitten with her that is scary. How does he know to act like this? The genuine expression of love was obvious.

My kids are not shy when it comes to being all lovie dovie.

There were lots of group hugs

and smooches and I LOVE YOU day was a total success.

If the preschool can sell us on I LOVE YOU Day, perhaps I can convince Jeff that we need to worship a holiday called, "OUR MOMMIE's DAY OFF!" Bite me Hallmark, this one is all mine.

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