Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Growing in the Weeds

My flower beds, garden and landscaping has gone to the weeds. Back in the day (before I gave birth to a preschool) I took pride in my green thumb. I had time to tinker with planting annuals and I enjoyed my vast variety of tomatoes and herbs. Every time I walked the dogs I would stroll the perimeter of house and I would pluck the stray weeds one by one when I found them.

As you can guess from the title of this post, my entire exterior landscape has gone to a place that my neighbors would consider an eye sore. I have a beautiful collection of what can only be described as overgrown pesky plants and unwanted foliage. WEEDS. It is bad. It is almost Home Owner Association intervention bad. Almost.

Instead of making room for the tomatoes, peppers, and herbs in my garden bed, I decided to plant my produce in pots. Try to say that 4 times really fast. I decided that growing something edible would redeem my lack of lawn maintenance for now.

Much to my surprise the perennial plants like the sunny white and yellow daisies,

pink peonies, and herbs are growing gangbusters along side all kinds of crap that I can't identify. The oregano and sage
are amazing- totally thriving with their weedy neighbors. Additionally, the tomatoes I planted in large pots

are already bearing blooms and fruit. I have my first green tomato on the vine. Perhaps I underestimated the weed free garden experience up until now.

So while my grass is green and my flower beds are full of unwanted weeds, I have to deal with the mess before we get slapped with some kind of fine. I suppose it is time to teach the preschoolers about lawn care, and plant/weed identification. The child labor laws supersede the Home Owners Association, so I am going with the lesser to two evils.

Stay tuned for future posts about my herb and vegetable harvest. I will be serving fresh salsa at the next Home Owners Association meeting- nice touch, right?

Since it is summer, and all things tend to grow, I will document the development of my 4 newly employed gardeners , who much like landscaping, are growing like weeds.

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