Saturday, May 29, 2010

Family Field Trip # 436, IKEA and a Party

Leave it to me to take the kids on a family field trip where child care is provided. If there is a way to schlep the kids to a destination under direct supervision by others, and if it is free, I can smell the value about 97 miles away. And this weekend, I did just that. Hello Ikea in West Chester, Ohio.

I had used a trip to Ikea as currency all week. The kids were totally excited to go play at Ikea. They love the child care facility at Ikea. Taking four kids to the play center at Ikea is not that much different that going to Disney. You park in the special lot for families with minivans.

There is almost always a line to enter. There's a stick to measure for appropriate height. There are security measures taken to ensure the well being of the children, and there are parents chomping at the bit to ditch their kiddos for one precious hour. The price of admission to Ikea paradise is F-R-E-E, so long as you are not tempted by the cafe and all the bargain priced tchotckes, furniture and shit you did not go to buy but buy anyhow.

Jeff and I were lured into the cafe for beverages and a nosh. My husband, ever looking for a deal, saw the sign that advertised the buy one get one free on pasta entrees. The signs
were plastered everywhere. We bellied up to the cafeteria and scored two plates with all the trimmings. It was all going perfectly as planned until we approached the cashier to pay. She said our total price, and while it was reasonable for two meals, it was not the buy one get one free that we were expecting. She irritatedly explained that that promotion does not begin until June 7. Both Jeff and I were really pissed. The signage was all over the cafe, and people were ordering the BOGO pasta like it was going out of style. I saw more than a few people get to the register and give her the Huh, whatcha talkin bout Willis face?

We both were totally irked that the IKEA marketing team pulled a fast one. Jeff and I reluctantly paid for our meal but agreed that had we known about the limited time offer, we would not have ordered pasta, yet alone two plates of it. For about $5.99 Ikea pissed Jeff off to the point of no return, literally.

(My marketing guru suggested that the fine folks at Ikea should have had a little red banner shaped sticker or band across the corner of the ads- Coming Soon, so that suckers with poor vision would not be fooled. He also suggested that the cafeteria workers mention the offer start date when patrons are piling up pasta entrees on their trays. No one said a word to any of us as we chose from the menu.)

As if Ikea was not enough quality family fun, we attended The Other Slutsky Family Fiesta in Mason, Ohio. In honor of Maddie graduating, and Uncle Rick's 50th birthday bonanza, we had more partying to do. Of course, the highlight of the event was the corn hole games,

general funny business, time with the relatives and cake- we can't forget the all important Opera Cake from BonBonerie.

When you have a family as loving as ours, and a cake like this, it is blog worthy.

The kids played and played while Jeff found a quiet spot to take a nap.

We all enjoyed seeing Phoebe, the cat in her expensive new cat bed. Nothing says you have a fancy pet like displaying it on the dining room table.

I am sure Aunt Lisa is fuming at the thought of her artisan glass bowl being used as a pet accessory, which is why I laughed so hard and took photos. Sorry, Lisa, but I find humor in your pain.

So now in addition to my three Kindergartners, we also have two other graduates in the family. Cousin Connor is on his way to the Big Kindergarten too,
along with Maddie who will be at Ohio State in the fall.

All in all it was the ultimate family field trip on a Saturday.


Melanie said...

The Ikea play area is our favorite reason to go there. And the kid's meals aren't bad, but not sure if they are glutten free.

The Husband said...

That Ikea crap peed me off big time. I always feel that way when I don't read the fine print. Had the same issue with the ketubah I signed.

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