Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Drinking Watered Down Scope

I was thirsty and in line at Kroger when I saw the end cap with these cool looking bottled waters on sale. I was really, really, thirsty. Since I am not doing carbs, and I drink way too much caffeine already, I grabbed a bottle of Metromint Spearmint water to try.

I am not sure what in the hell possessed me to buy the metromint water. Perhaps it was the price tag of $1. Or maybe, it was the pleasing geometric looking label in a sort of funky, modern design?The bottle is aesthetically pleasing.

I did not want a drink with carbs, calories or caffeine and this Spearmint flavored water seemed to meet my criteria. And it was on sale.

Looks can be deceiving, we all know that. Metromint water is a product that looks great on the shelf. In theory, it is probably a decent idea to naturally flavor water without adding colors or artificial ingredients. Mint is refreshing and cool. But in reality, you are drinking watered down mouthwash, specifically; Scope.

I have never tasted anything so vile in my life. After spending a whole buck and being so parched that I could spit cotton, I chose NOT to finish the bottle after a few sips. Normally, if a product is fair to average and I have paid real money for it, I feel an obligation to consume it. Not this time. Nada. No way. No thank you very much.
I am back to my old standbys....cinnamon latte until noon, Pepsi "Crack" Max until happy hour, and dirty vodka martinis with green olives until bedtime. If I need to drink anything else, I am fine with plain, good old H20, maybe with a lemon or lime wedge or perhaps even a fresh brewed herbal tea this time of year.

Let's leave the minty fresh flavor to toothpaste, mouthwash and chewing gum, shall we?

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HOA Mgr Lady said...

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