Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Disney Diaries, Part One

edited to add photos:

I drove the kids from Columbus to Atlanta. They did amazingly well in their car seats for 9 hours. We made great time and did not hit any real traffic delays or problems. The van was loaded to the rafters with gluten free snacks, drinks, suitcases, pool accessories, the double jogging stroller, and more crap than the average person needs on a one week trip. Better safe than sorry. You know how I would be pissed if I had to purchase something we already owned beccause of a packing error.

I checked in with Jeff periodically along our route. He stayed home and took care of Lenny and Mitchell for the ultimate bachelor weekend without the wife and kids. I visualized Jeff working at this laptop all day and sleeping all night. I was a little jealous of this life of pure indulgence and luxury. (sarcasm) Since he was set to travel for business during the first part of the Disney Days, he got to fly to Orlando and meet us there, the lucky bastard.

The Griswold family truckster was set for the famous Holiday Road. We did a pee break-gas fill up in Kentucky, just outside of Lexington. I got a tall latte at Mc Donalds, where I saw a red box movie kiosk. I learned that you can rent a red box movie and return it to any other kiosk by 9:00 p.m. the next evening. So I grabbed two discs and we motored on. The kids watched the shows and I plopped them back into another red box somewhere in Tennessee the next day. This is a total lifesaving find for car trips. Take note.

We arrived in Atlanta and thanks to name my own price on priceline, we scored the Crowne Plaza with an indoor pool. After being in the van all day putting the kids in the pool was a good way to burn off some of their energy. Mommie needed a very cold, very dirty, Vodka martini but chose a Pepsi Max instead. The whole low-carb diet thing sucks when it comes to cocktails, but thanks to my dear pal, Loren, I am now mildy addicted to Pepsi Max, or Pepsi CRACK as she so affectionately calls it.

We arrived in Orlando after another 7 hours in the van on day two. The drive went quickly as we were all anxious to get there. We stayed in our Florida house again, and the jungle gym climberhad been remodeled and improved. The kids just LOVE staying at the Florida House. The kids got to monkey around with their cousins while we waited to get checked in. Aunt Shell and I hit the grocery store to stock our fridge with perishable items. We got all settled for the week ahead and I did the first load of laundry with the two days worth of clothes plus a few beach towels that were used on spills. It isn't a party until someone pukes, and it is not a car trip until something sticky gets spilled. 16 hours with four kids, CHECK!

Total Stress Level for Part One: Three Grey Hairs (out of a possible Ten) mainly from dealing with idiots, driving 5 of the 7 hours with four awake children, and arriving to find our condo unit was not ready for occupancy at the promised time.

The real fun was scheduled to begin the next morning with an adventure in Disney's Animal Kingdom.

These images are just a sample of the zoo like atmosphere that is the Animal Kingdom at Disney. My own personal zoo fit right in, obviously.

This concludes the Disney Diary Part One, thank you for your support.

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