Thursday, May 20, 2010

CONTEST! Guess how much it is gonna cost!

Forget the shitmykidshaveruined photos. Don't even remind me of furniture, floors, walls and bodily fluids in places that bodily fluids don't belong. Erase the images and concentrate on the bigger, more damaging stuff. Here is a whopper for you:

I told you my kids were overachievers. They are way beyond the basic shit my kids have ruined 101 curriculum nowadays. They are in grad school now.

Welcome to shit*my*kids*have*ruined 110, the graduate level course:

This advanced degree level features the really pricey items like their teeth and subsequently, my wallet!

I took Eli to the dentist today. This was the second in a series of appointments to fill three cavities in three teeth on two sides. So not to traumatize Eli, the dentist wanted to do the teeth separately so at age 4.5, Eli would have a good experience and not be scared. The first appointment went really well, the left side tooth got filled and we scheduled another visit.

The second appointment was a total failure. The right side teeth had become ultra sensitive, and the thought of the dentist probing in his mouth, had Eli freaking out in the exam room. After the Novocaine and nitrous there was no way the dentist could even get to the back of his gum line to work on them. Eli was not cooperating at all.

We managed to get x-rays done

and they revealed the cause of his discomfort:

Deep decay
Nerve damage
Root infection

The prognosis is:

Extraction of the tooth
spacer placed to keep the teeth from colliding
root canal
stainless steel crown
and sedation

This means a visit with a special pediatric dentist ($$$) that is licensed to put him under for the procedure. We have a consult on Friday with the hope that the antibiotics will treat and clear the infection before the surgery, which we will schedule for the end of next week.

Just when Jeff and I are free from buying formula, diapers, and other baby related items, the kids up the ante on us. We used to scoff at the hundred bucks here and there, and now, we just hemorrhage money. I am wishing we could go back to shelling out for formula and diapers- even though it was bionically expensive, it was predictable. Okay, so I am not really wishing we could back to diapers and formula but it seems like those are a bargain now.

To prove that I have not lost my sense of humor,(it is all I have left) here is a friendly contest. Leave a comment and tell me how much you think this is gonna cost us. The winner gets bragging rights and a new toothbrush from the dentist's office.

Remember, we hemorrhage money now. Oy Vay.


Pyjammy Pam said...

Since I am going to the dentist to day to get my sixth and seventh fillings of the month (yes, really) I feel uniquely qualified to answer this. I'll go for...$2800.

Clearly, I could really use the toothbrush.

Anonymous said...


Nothing shocks me anymore... said...

Are you talking before or after dental insurance kicks in? I know either way it will be ridiculous.

Before I guess... 3900

After(out of pocket) 975

Jean said...

I'm thinking $4300.00

Do we also win a bottle of watered down Scope along with the toothbrush? :-)

Susan said...

Is Eli the one with CD? If so...get your checkbook ready. This will be the first of many. CD prevents good enamel from forming. Talk to your dentist about bonding all teeth possible when the adult ones surface. Good luck!

loren said...

Can I bid $1? LOL... actually, I would have to guess $2250.

It's cheaper if you let the teeth fall out on their own ;)

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

No Susan, CJ has Celiac. But since my triplets were born at barely 28 weeks, and enamel is made in the third trimester, it stands to reason that they may need s boost with dental intervention.

Loren- is it wrong for me to suggest the dentist just pull them all and make a nice set of dentures? Could be cheaper long term?

HOA Mgr Lady said...

I am guess $2248.00 and a traumatized Momma. Oy is right!

Anniep said...

Ooo, I vote $2000 out of pocket, after insurance. Ditto pp who guessed $4800.

UGH. That is NOT going to be a pretty appt!

Ann said...

I'm guessing 3000.00.
Personally, I HATE dental work! I feel for poor Eli, good luck to you both!

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

I guess I should have mentioned, we do not have dental insurance. We do have an aflac policy for dental but it pays a portion of the cost of the dental repairs.

It is not dental insurance it is supplemental.

Think dollar signs folks, big fat dollar signs, as I just found out we have to do this at the hospital with full sedation, for a grand total ofL
Two Crowns,
One Extraction
One Spacer
4 minor fillings
and a Root Canal

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

Oh, and FML

jessica said...

As someone who has paid the *after insurance kicks in* on two root canals.. on the SAME tooth.. I feel your pains.. both physically and financially. I became one of the lucky people who had a cyst grow under the RC tooth.. over a 10year span to then have to do it again. I have also had to have every amalgam filling drilled out and redone as the job was never done well enough... Still paying on some of those..
You poor poor people....

Anonymous said...


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