Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Best Mother's Day Gifts

Obviously, the best gifts on Mother's Day are my children. Duh.

Let's keep it real.

However, after caring for them 24/7/365 at warped speed, in the heat, I was ready for a little break from the duty as their Mother. I convinced (roped) Jeff into driving the kids back from Florida so I could fly home, and wait for them. I love myself for thinking of it, and I love Jeff for agreeing to the whole hair-brained scheme in the first place.

My plan was the ultimate in genius. The flight was 2 hours and 15 minutes of uninterrupted magazine reading. I got so much done at home as the van was being piloted north with Daddy at the wheel. Being gone a week takes it toll and I had some catching up to do.

I was completely SHOCKED (in a really good way) to discover that Jeff cleaned up our Master Bedroom while I was in Florida. He organized clothes, folded towels for the linen rack, and spruced up the joint. That alone rocked my Mother's Day weekend world. For a nice Jewish boy, he ain't bad. I did good.

There was very little, if any, food left in the house. We eat so much fresh food and so little pre=packaged crap that my week long absence meant the cupboards and fridge were bare. I spent my Saturday night going out for dinner with Mitchell and he gave me a very sweet, heartfelt card.
Awwwww, for a 17 year old guy, he knows how to woo me every time. I will re-read this card each time he screws up in the future. I am keeping it handy.

The kids and Jeff made it home safely at around 2:30 in the morning. I let the kids crawl into my bed, fully clothed, and snuggle until daylight. My little gifts were new oven mitts and pads, and a matching table cloth. This Cynthia Rowley print is ideal with all my hot pink kitchen gear.

OMG, HOW I LOVE THESE! And yeah, I did buy them myself, and had Argenida hide them from me until Mother's Day. The kids thought they got them for me, so the real details were just a technicality.

Of course my photos from Adam Queen

are and were the best gift a mom could get. I find myself looking at the images all the time. These are my kids? Wow, we do make them cute, huh? As soon as I get a moment I will change up and revise the blog header to include these latest photographs.

So for all my thankless efforts on the Disney trip, the payback was a few precious hours of peace and quiet, followed by coming home to a clean bedroom, nice cards, gifts and a Jack Russell that missed me. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Happy Mother's Day~
The Queen

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