Thursday, April 15, 2010

Will Play for Free Coffee

I had a lot to do this morning and very little child care to assist in the schedule. Jeff was gone on business, which meant I needed to have all the kids decorated (dressed) and buckled into their car seats by 7:25 a.m. in order to drop off Argenida for her pesky 8:00 class downtown.

Since I did not have to pick up Argenida until almost noon, I decided to load up on coffee and enjoy my children. The first stop was Starbucks drive-thru, which by the way is the single most genius invention for overworked moms. I got ready to order my usual when I read a sign that saidFREE COFFEE in your own tumbler. Awwwww, hell yes. SCORE!

I did not have a mug or tumbler, but I did have yesterday's ginormous leftover cup from Cafe McDonald'sstill in the console of the minivan. Did that count? I rolled down my window and ordered 4 bags of the gluten free chocolate chip cookies for the kids, and in my sweetest and most sleep deprived voice, I asked, "If my coffee cup is really, really, lame, will you still hook me up?" The guy in the speaker said, "ummmm, yeah, sure but I will need to personally come over to the drive up window and inspect your embarrassing cup." He totally cracked up at my tacky, cheap ass McD cup- but thankfully, he filled er up all the same. He even added my half and half and a few packets of sweet magic.

Oh, free coffee how I love you!

I doled out the gluten free cookies to my willing passengers.

Can you see why my kids enjoy going to Starbucks with me. Oh, they totally get it. Daddy would never take them to Starbucks, because Starbucks does not serve diet coke. How lame is that?

I managed to get the kids breakfast, retrieve the dry cleaning, return and rent new DVD's from the library, make a deposit at the bank, drop off some eBay packages at the post office, pick up some prescriptions, hang out at the playground in Worthington, buzz (literally) by a different Starbucks drive thru for another ginormous refill, call a few friends to shout out about the free coffee, drive back downtown and collect Argenida on time.

Mommie will play for free coffee. Anytime. Anytime.


Susan said...

I really enjoy your blog! I stumbled across it in my search for some GF recipe and have been peeking in now and then to see your adorable children and how your are surviving. (btw...thanks for the tip on the GF chicken finger things at Costco...we LOVE Costco!) I hope you enjoy your children as much as I do!
Susan (mom of GF Arielle, Naomi and the 5 crazy wiener dogs)

Stephanie said...

Free coffe is the BEST, isn't it?!? I love coffee but free coffee is even better.....

EC said...

Ohio must not have the strict green rules as California. Some guy tried to bring in a lame cup after I got my free coffee in a stainless tumbler and they denied him because this was an "Earth Day" promotion and he had to use a real cup. Talk about lame.....

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