Friday, April 23, 2010

Preschool Party Arty

Jeff and I attended the party for the preschool last night. This fundraiser, art show, party
and silent auction is an annual event that helps the school fund special programming. I have been going to the event for three years. It is always fun and fabulous.

Two years ago when I was first introduced to the preschool I went to support RS and her kids. I was completely mind boggled at the artwork these children created and I knew I had found the spot for our kids.

The following year my little preschool picassos had their masterpieces on display and we shared the party with the other parents.

This year was a bittersweet art show. It is the triplets last year of preschool. I got a little misty when I browsed through all the galleries and marveled at their talents. They have come a long way since their humble beginnings. I loved oohing and ahhing at the entire art collection as a whole.

The comments under their canvas paintings were priceless. If you double click on the image you can read them for yourself.
I think Natalie was inspired by Uncle Silvan for this one. I know CJ really painted this tiger and tree because he had paint under his fingernails for days afterward.
I was anxious to see the final work and discover what he did with green, orange and black paint. Then there is Eli's duckie with textured feathers/hair.
His commentary is totally Eli. LOVE IT!

The decorative painted glass plates

turned out awesome, and the watercolors were double matted

and will be framed and showcased in our dining room. The colors will really pop against my bright purple walls.

I took a ton of photos of the people and the food, but when it comes to an art exhibit featuring the talents of my triplets, all the other images pale in comparison. So I will spare you the all the jpgs. and just leave it at bragging on my preschool picassos.

I have an action packed next 72 hours and I must log off now. No facebook, no blog, no nothing for the next 48 hours at least. Peace out.

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