Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pollen Problems

I have updated the blog a few times this week but was never coherent enough to proof read the post(s) before uploading them in the evenings. These are posted in the order they were written. I have since gone back and made sure they were logical.

I snuck out of Columbus with Jeff. He had a project in Atlanta and needed me to help with some details. I managed to arrange child care and join him for three nights and four glorious days.

Or not so glorious really. While technically we were alone in a hotel room every night, it was not the romantic work related vacation I had dreamed about. I needed some down time where I waa not being woken up for potty updates, and I could wear my good clothing without fear of being shmeared with ketchup. A business trip like this totally gets me back to the land of the living and I return home feeling ready to tackle all four kids with a sense of new energy.

We landed in Atlanta and both Jeff and I had itchy eyes, scratchy throats and a gnawing in our eardrums. It was horrible. I suspected that it might be seasonal allergy related, so I immediately swallowed a combination of zinc and Mucinex along with my daily Claritin. I went to bed after a smart cocktail and the most Benadryl allowed by law. I hoped I would wake up rejuvenated and refreshed.

As I watched the morning news from the hotel bed, I discovered the problem. Atlanta was experiencing the highest pollen counts on record. EVER. Normal for this time of year is in the 100's with daily spikes into the high 150's. The pollen count had been 5733 on Wednesday morning. Even the folks who do not have seasonal allergies were complaining of the irritated eyes, post nasal drip and general feeling of congestion.

We walked across the street for dinner at Perimeter Mall. As we crossed the parking lot we saw cars covered in a film of bright yellow "powder" or haze. It was coating the cars as if it had snowed yellow pellets. We learned that this was actually pollen.Ewwwww. No wonder I was in hell. I had never seen a collection of pollen like this and it was nasty. I should have been wearing one of these trendy surgical masks-Swine flu is soooo last year, now pollen is all the rage, literally.

I was sure to lay off dairy products, continue the Mucinex-Claritin-Zinc-Vitamin C in maximum doses and stay inside as much as possible. At bedtime I cocktailed and Benadryled myself into oblivion. Thus the haze and delay in coherent blogging.

I went to Atlanta for business and pleasure but got a shot of pollen right in the kisser.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your allergy hell! I had the same problem last year, and immediately started taking Clariton and Mucinex-D. I had so much sinus pressure that I thought my head would explode! I called my Dr.'s office, and they said never take Mucinex and Clariton together, because they work against each other. They said Mucinex promotes the mucus to drain, while the Clariton prevents the mucus from draining too much. I stopped taking the Clariton, and felt so much better in no time. I hope you're feeling better soon!


Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

Thanks Jean. I'm taking your advice and just doing the long lasting time released mucinex with zinc and c.

Getting my mojo back one day at a time.

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