Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Picture Perfect Playground Paradise

Ahhhhh, the glory of Spring in Central Ohio. This short lived season is ideal for playgrounds and parks. It is so nice to be able to be outdoors in regular clothing, no hats, no scarves, no mittens and no puffy coats. We can just show up at the park, apply sunscreen and P-L-A-Y.

We take little nature walks and adventures to learn about plants and trees.

My kids love to be outside in the fresh air and if by the end of our day, if they do not smell active, I have not done my job.

This is Alum Creek Park in Westerville.

It has three different playground areas all concentrated together so when the kids get bored with the equipment, we can walk about 32 feet to the next structure. I have reached the miracle stage of development where the kids just play and entertain themselves. Now I can just turn them loose and supervise- rather than micromanage them from dangers, keep them from eating mulch, corral them into the zone, catch them at the bottom of the slide, push them on the swings and break up the fights. We have long since outgrown the pain in the ass of being at a public playground. Now, taking them to the park is fun and relaxing for ME!

I can just lolly gag around the park, read a magazine on a shady bench, sip my latte in peace and listen to the sounds of my squealing monkeys hanging from the jungle gyms.

They can do a playground on their own now. I just pay attention to the normal, crazy chaos and It is music to my ears. A nice, long, exhausting playground experience is paradise. We try to make time for these kind of days by winging it and not over-scheduling our days. It is best to just block off a period of time, unload at the play area and let the kids be kids.

This is it! I survived another Central Ohio winter. Hello Spring, is that my sanity you have with you? Playgrounds, parks and paradise- how sweet it is!

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