Friday, April 16, 2010

Pei Wei done My Way

This is a blog post I would like to call, HOW TO SERVE 8 PEOPLE A NICE GLUTEN FREE ASIAN MEAL FOR UNDER $50, or Pei Wei, done My Way.

The typical entree at P.F. Changs step child restaurant, Pei Wei would normally cost about $7.99- their signature dishes are served with either brown or white rice and are a great food value. When we take the kids there for a meal we order three entrees for the adults and four little people to share. Lately, I have been getting carry out from Pei Wei because they offer the best tasting Gluten Free meals around. The Spicy Pei Wei chicken prepared gluten free is delicious. I just discovered that for Party Orders you can get carry out on a tray that feeds 5-7 adults for $40 including all the paper goods, chopsticks, gluten free soy sauce and black plastic plates.

Tonight, I picked up a party tray of the gluten free spicy chicken and white rice. (Normally we do brown, but I was hoping there would be leftover white rice to make rice pudding tomorrow) These large catering style foil pans were perfect for a large family.
I prefer the tray versus those tiny cardboard small crate containers. I popped the foil pan into the oven to keep it warm and was able to serve up the meal directly from the pan.

I anticipated some last minute extra dining guests***(when you have teens they often invite their friends over) so I added to the entrees by whipping up some gluten free teriyaki chicken and shrimp with vegetables. I used the Vegan Organic Sauce from Costco and some of the mixed vegetable medley from our frozen food game. I finished the last of our field trip #368. For a quick stir fry dish, made with ingredients I had on hand,
I had a few stray leftover shrimp in the freezer, not enough for a meal but enough to save for a rainy day, and I took out two large chicken breasts from the gigantic bag I have in the ziplocs. I was able to feed the whole crew of 10 for less than $50.

As you can see the meal looks amazing. The teriyaki stir fry was a snap to make.

I threw it all in the skillet and cooked it through, tossed it with sesame seeds and piled it on the rice. Easy Peezy.

My kids gobbled it up and Eli ate the equivalent of an adult portion.

I know that part of the novelty is the chopsticks, but still, they pound down more than the average 4 year old I assure you. It is so fun to sit down and enjoy a meal with the kids when they are yum yumming through the entire evening.

I know that there are some readers who feed large families like me, there are some that are gluten free and are looking for ways to eat out, and then there are the fellow friends and relatives that want to see what the kids are up to....regardless, tonight, it was Pei Wei my way, and that is the only way to go!

PS- I love our extra teenage moochers, and I enjoy being able to feed them- dinner for 11 or 12 is not that much different than dinner for 9. Plus, I get the inside scoop on who is dating who and all the other interesting tid bits. Since I am feeding them, these kids feel almost obligated (GASP!) to have a conversation with me.

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Loving this! Thank you!

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