Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Miss Trish of Capri and Me

I have LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the whimsical sandals by Miss Trish of Capri for years. I own two pairs that I paid way too much for back before I had my own little class of preschoolers. Miss Trish of Capri sandals are about all things summer and beachy with a hint of elegant opulence. They are simply the cutest sandals, EVER!

I have the fondest memories of my first pair of Miss Trish thongs. I bought them in Palm Beach and I when I returned to Kansas City everyone asked about my sandals. They were stunning. This was a hundred years ago, when I could drop a couple hundred bucks on luxury impulses without reporting my crimes to a husband or without taking food out of the mouths of my children.

Imagine my complete shock to find Miss Trish of Capri is doing a line of shoes for, TARGET. Yes, Target. I gasped so loud the lady next to me thought I was having a heart attack when I spotted them on the rack. These are a special run of sandals created just for the red bullseye and they are fabulous. Who cares if the inside foot bed says Miss Trish for Target- as if that matters to me?

Anyone who had known me for three seconds would tell you how I am all over the pink and green. My kids look as if Lilly Pulitzer threw up on them most days, even the boys. I breathe pink and green this time of year and will wear these sandals

to death. I am even thinking of grabbing and second pair for when I wear out the first ones. I am that in awe.

Knowing that these thongs must have the absolute right color pink pedicure, I grabbed the nail polish from cosmetics too. You did not think I would dare to debut these sweet sandals with the wrong color polish on my toes? Puhlieeeez.

Since my girls have a shoe thing already (it was inevitable) I got them each a pair of the pink and green thongs.
The kiddie version has a back strap that is adjustable with velcro. I could not bear the thought of seeing them on another little girl knowing that I could have, should have, would have. Since it was Target they were like 90% off of the regular Miss Trish of Capri price. I am serious.

I bought three pairs- one for Charlotte, Natalie and me and I spent a freaction of what I would have spent on just one measily pair for moi.

Hurry into Target, these are gonna like hotcakes. After blogging about these I am logging off to hit another Target to check for the seahorse and starfish versions I saw on line. I am borderline obsessed with these. Just borderline.

Ahhhhhh Florida, here we come!


April said...

Those are adorable and I love little bug details on the flowers. I just love Target!! I went last night and rode around in the electric card for an hour shopping. And I'm really bad about buying shoes for my daughter! She has more pairs than me! Do you think they'll go on sale as the summer draws to an end? Hmmm....

Triplethefunplus2 said...

will have to check these out for my little shoe fettish girl!

Alice said...

Helene~my Target had two pair of the little purple turtle ones on clearance last night for $4.24/pair. I'm going to the big city (Boise) today and will maybe get to check there for more. They are the adorable. Thanks for the tip!

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