Sunday, April 4, 2010

Jeff Slutsky is 54

I have this blog entry scheduled to post on Sunday April 4- I am sure I am going to be way too busy to blog because I will be letting my husband sleep late while I prepare him a gourmet breakfast in bed. He is the luckiest man I know.

Happy Birthday to my darling husband. The man I love is 54 years old today. He does not look or act a day over 35.

The younger kids love to celebrate birthdays. They make cards. They decorate. They wrap household items as gifts. It is a plethora of fun to honor your daddy on his special day. We took Jeff out to dinner last night and he posed with the four under four outside the restaurant.

I noticed Jeff's mini-me, CJ, was giving him bunny ears. CJ's devilish expression while being such a jokester is priceless. Like father like son.

The older kids typically make a hidden or not so hidden finger gesture when I force them to be in photos, so the whole rabbit ear thing is just foreshadowing, I know, I know. How ironic that CJ spontaneously made bunny ears on his father, who is celebrating his 54th birthday on Easter Sunday.

Happy Birthday Jeff, from all the silly Slutskys and the world wide web.


loren said...

That bunny ear picture is hilarious! I'd be framing that one for sure ;) What a stinker.

Happy Birthday, Jeff... enjoy your day to be spoiled!

Anonymous said...

The four are four and under, not four under four.


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