Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Infamous Twin Sale where I am Famous and other silly stuff

The CMOTC had the Spring sale this weekend. It was members only on Friday night and this is the first year I went to shop. I did not have time to tag all my stuff and haul it to Hilliard, so instead of making money, I showed up, shopped and spent a whopping $121 on about a thousand dollars worth of gear.

I wore my black tee shirt, with the blinged out front that says Mommys Sippy Cup. Nothing says you are the mother of multiples like a rhinestone martini shirt. I was rocking the sale with my pure, full on, Mommie glam.

As I toured the gym scouting out a bargain on a twin jogging stroller, I met some of my blog readers. I was sort of taken a back by introductions and kind comments I got. I did not know how many local moms actually read my blog. Here is the official shout out to Amy, who made a point of seeking me out to say hello. I think my shirt tipped her off. It felt nice to know that people read and enjoy this blog, since my own mother does not read it, mocks it, and has the nerve to just skim over my writing to just look at the pictures. Thanks CMOTC readers, thanks for the kick ass sale and the nice feedback on my silly Slutsky life.

So you are all probably wondering what in the hell I was doing in the stroller department. I have been totally stroller-less for about a year. Why on earth would I want to buy a twin jogger? Okay, I am going to spill the beans on a little secret. Since I normally post in the past tense, I will break my golden rule and confess....I am scheming and plotting the ultimate hair-brained field trip ever. I am insane- and that is why you find the blog so blissfully entertaining, right? Oy. The madness.

I am taking all four kids to the house of the mouse in Orlando next week. Yes, Disney World. In Florida. From Columbus. By minivan.

So, back to the double stroller search- I could not begin to fathom spending $29 a day, plus tax on a stroller rental from Uncle Walt. While it might be the happiest place on earth, it would be most aggrevating place on earth if I had to plunk down $150 beans for a stroller I did not get to keep. I figured I could score a nice twin jogger for half the price of the rental if I showed up early to the sale, and played my cards right.

Yes, Yes, Yea, my kids are old enough to walk a good portion of the damn Disney day but the idea of being a pack mule with a cooler bag, camera, sunscreen, and other crap, times FOUR, scares the shit out of me. I fear the schlepping of all the stuff, the sweating, the hand holding, in addition to dragging four kids out of the park when they are dog tired and refuse to walk at a decent pace. The stroller is the solution to those problems and buying one at the sale was a genius idea. I got a great deal on a pre-owned double jogger with a sun canopy and a huge basket with storage compartments for $60, so bite me Disney, I am not spending an insane amount of hard earned money on your plastic strollers.

Thankfully my sister and her kids along with Nana and Papa are meeting us there. They are bringing me another double stroller to use for the trip. I will be able to push the kids in style, rather than wing it stroller-less and regret it forever.

Now you know why I am freaking out about time management. Gathering all the clothes, toiletries, accessories, swim gear, electronics and packing it for a road trip is stressful. Driving 17 hours in my van with four kids age four and under is bad, but forgetting something vital and having to pay full retail is worse. So I am micromanaging the planning to a science. I have been neglecting other responsibilities to make sure I am ready when Friday morning rolls around. The blog is totally back burner.

So if any of my blog readers are planning to be in Orlando at all next week, make sure you stop and say hello if and when you see me. I would shit twice and die (in a good way) if anyone recognized me and thanked me for the blog entertainment. I would absolutely kvell over it if my mom was in earshot of the kind words too. Nanny Nanny Boo Boo. We could take photos and I would post them on the blog of course! I guess maybe I am only famous locally. Drats, I wished I had remembered to snap some pics of Amy and me at the sale. I was too focused on the stroller to worry about anything else. Obviously.

So, let me ask a question..... What are you going to do now that the twin sale is over? WE ARE GOING TO DISNEYWORLD.


Antonia said...

I won't be in WDW next week but if you ever make it over to the UK, I'll be sure to recognize you!
Love the blog - keep up the good work!

Nothing shocks me anymore... said...

We were there a month ago and the double strollers were marked 31/ GREAT DEAL! Have a blast and do NOT miss Toy Story 3 at Hollywood Studios- longer wait but great ride!

Jenn Murray said...

I just found your blog from Pyjammy. I love it. It was great meeting you at the sale. (I was just in front of you in line) Good luck on your venture to the "happiest place on earth"

Julie said...

I want all the details of where to stay and how to get the best deals. I plan to take my two boys next year. Helene - I love your helps me to know that there are other crazy moms out there just like me. If you are ever in St. Louis I would love a personal shopping consultation! I need a mommie makeover in the worst way! Safe Travels!

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

OH the pressure you guys. I will totally hook you all up on the deals and steals at Disney.

First tip- hit the dollar store at home for actual Disney branded toys and trinkets. I have a treasure box for kids that behave nicely and every evening they get to pick a prize from the various treasures. This is way way way better than forking over a fortune inside the parks, and I use this as currency for good behavior all day long.

Thanks for reading- I am having fun too.

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