Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Holiday Baking Company in Worthington

Just when you thought all gluten free baked goods were a far cry from the real mc coy, the Holiday Baking company comes along and shatters the myth. This dedicated gluten free facility offers all kinds of delicious fresh baked products right here in Worthington, Ohio.

The Holiday Baking company menu items look and feel like a "normal" bakery. Unless you were told the place was gluten free, you could not tell.

The cupcakes and cookies are frosted and gorgeous, and the sandwich bread is shaped in a loaf just like everyone else's. For CJ this is huge. CJ gets to shop in a bakery as if it were a regular day, not a special occasion. For a Celiac kid, being able to browse a tray of yummy sweets, pick and choose, and actually enjoy eating the selections is beyond blog worthy.

When we got back in the van I opened the package that contained six mini muffins, I started handing them out to the kids when CJ loudly objected. "Mommie, Nooooooo, those are gluten free, they are mine. Don't give them to the wheat people!" He wanted them all to himself, damn if he was going to share them with those nasty wheat people.

Most gluten free baked items are a substitution or an imitation. CJ and I can attest that the bread from the Holiday Baking company looks,
feels and tastes amazing. This is what my Celiac son looks like when he gets to eat a real Peanut Butter and Jam sandwich. Most children take a nice PB&J for granted, but my CJ knows better-

he devours every morsel and crumb because to him, it is a slice of pure heaven. You can't fake this kind of grin.

This is my official brag post about the Holiday Baking Company. If you are gluten free in Columbus, this will be your new favorite spot. Tell them that adorable CJ Slutsky sent you.

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