Saturday, April 17, 2010

HIgh School Prom, the Past and the Present

High School Prom. Fancy Dresses. Tuxedos. Fine Dining. Dancing. The whole idea of the high school prom is like the academy awards of your teen age years. Girls look forward to all the feminine aspects of the red carpet evening, hair, make-up, perfume, nails, shoes, and works! The guys are lucky to show up with the necessary arrangements made and are looking to have a good time by one upping their friends with the hottest date. Some things do not change. Prom? Awards Shows? It always about what you wore and your date.

Jeff graduated in the class of 1974. You have seen his senior portrait so you know the girls in Fort Wayne, Indiana were all over his Jew Fro action. Back then, the guys chose the most obnoxious looking leisure suit tux with the largest bow tie available and they were cool. Nothing says it is a 1970's prom like sideburns, ruffled tuxedo shirts

and the smell of disco dancing all night in double knit polyester. Ewwww, gross.

My high school memories are like reenacting a music video from Van Halen with the added influence of movies by John Hughes. We were a combination of the Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, with a hint of Ferris Bueller. Like all things in the late eighties, it was the hair that stood alone that stole the show. For the guys and the girls.

It was all about coordinating your dress with the tie and cummerbund so they matched, riding in limos, after parties and drunken safe sex. Good times. Good Times.

Fast forward to this weekend. Mitchell went to his Junior Prom. It was a splashy affair being held at the Franklin Park Conservatory. I was really beaming with pride as we snapped these photos

at the parents' pre party photo opp. My friend Jewel hosted us so we could all do the whole kodak moment thing together. We have watched our boys grow up as a group and it is so bittersweet to see them as old enough to go out for sushi and dancing with their Prom dates!

His friends and their dates are a far cry from the fashion disasters of their parents.

Can you believe these kids are still in high school? To me, they look like characters from the new 90210 or the OC.

Of course it would not be a party without a photo where Mitchell is flipping me off.I usually do not notice the finger at the time because I am too preoccupied with getting the images, and I come to find out later that he got me.

I am sure the Prom of the tonight was the same lame dance that we had. There was probably some hokey D.J. and the students were groping and grinding when the chaperones weren't looking, as if they were getting away with something. The real fun will always be the amazing dress and your gorgeous and fabulous date. That is the universal prom motto, past, present and future.

Gee, just think in about 13 years I will be buying one dress and renting two tuxes for the triplets- Lord help me.

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