Thursday, April 29, 2010

Herbs in the Burbs, Field Trip # 425

As if things weren't apeshit crazy enough, I decided to take the kids on another one of my famous free field trips. I think this one is # 425 but who is counting? It was the most perfect spring day to be outdoors so I headed over the Gahanna City Hall grounds, which is home to the Geroux Herb Garden.

The kids totally invaded the place.

They smelled the various plants and did a damn fine job identifying some correctly. Lemon Balm and Mint were the easy ones, but Eli got lavender
and Natalie got Rosemary. CJ was too busy climbing on rocks to care about the foliage. I tried in vain to find the SERENITY NOW plant, but did not have any luck.

As we lolly-gagged about, a woman came out to greet us from the inside of the Gahanna City offices. She introduced herself, and told me that she saw us from inside the building. She asked permission to send the city photographer out to shoot the kids in the herb garden. Like she had to twist my arm?
As long as I get copies of the pics for my blog, sure, why not.

The four models did their best to put on a decent show. They are naturals at mugging for the camera. I hope the real photographer got better images than I did because my little digital paled in comparison to his "real" camera. Wouldn't it be a wonderful gift to get another decent image of all four kids smiling. I seriously have to take 144 shots to get one usable jpeg, and yet when a complete stranger asks my kids to sit and look and smile, they do it. Not fair.

After an hour in the herbs, we scooted over to Jeffrey Mansion for a play date. The triplets have a more active social schedule than me, and I am just their driver. The weather was so ideal that there were several kids from preschool already at the playground.

I enjoyed our morning of outdoor fun but needed the tallest coffee I could find to tackle the afternoon. I survived on adrenaline and caffeine until dinner, showers, bedtime and detailing then loading the van- in that order.

We are outta here in the morning. Atlanta or bust. Hopefully I will find the SERENITY NOW herbs.

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