Saturday, April 3, 2010

Gluten Free Bargains Everywhere!

Between Costco and the Passover Clearance section at Giant Eagle, I have been stocking up on some great gluten free bargains. I have the pantry and second freezer chock full of goodies.

I have blogged about my past finds at Costco but lately I have noticed some additional merchandise that is too reasonable to pass up. These awesome new products are available at Costco for a fraction of what they cost at the specialty and all natural supermarkets.

The giant 4 pound bag of Organic Quinoa is the perfect quick dinner side dish. Some call quinoa a super food because of the whole grain nutrition and high protein value.I usually add some additional ingredients to make a gluten free version of couscous. This is a nice change from potatoes and rice, and typically quinoa is a bit pricey- but at Costco this bag was less than $11.

This 35 ounce bottle of agave sweetened, sesame teriyaki is gluten free, certified vegan and organic while being absolutely delicious.I use this as a dip for the gluten free chicken strips and a marinade for grilling. CJ loves broccolini on the indoor grill- drizzled with this tasty sauce. This is a really nice way to jazz up flavor without added gluten or sugar.

We try to bulk up the proteins and fats for CJ. Nut butters are a great way to do just that. I find that letting him dip crackers in hummus or this almond butter is a sure fire way to maximize his calories.This Maranatha Almond Butter is made in a creamy texture for easy spreading. The only ingredient in the jar dry roasted almond(s), so there is no added salt or sugar. Thanks to Costco this 26 ounce jar is $5.79 and so worth it.

The Kirkland brand products are almost always a spectacular value. I have purchased the Mrs. Mays nut brittles in the past and my kids gobble up the sweet clusters of nuts and seeds. This 32 ounce bag of Cashew Clustershas almonds and pumpkin seeds added for a terrific crunchy flavor. The big bag is convenient for packing lunches, and the product travels well for snacks and on the go munching.

Many of the Kosher for Passover foods are gluten free due to the dietary restrictions at the holiday. I cruised the clearance aisle at Giant Eagle to stock up on a variety of pure junk.

I don't let the kids eat this kind of crap on a regular basis but, when I indulge them in something sweet it is best to do it for half price. These chocolate and marble cakes are certified gluten free and are imported from Israel. These can be frozen and thawed when we need to take cake to a birthday party or event. I stocked up on kosher marshmallows since most of the standard varieties contain pork gelatin- and are forbidden at their school. Now I can make my version of rice krispie treats that are created with kosher ingredients. The toasted coconut marshmallows are one of CJ's favorite things, and they are typically only available at this time of year, so I made sure to buy the remainder of the inventory. I am not sure what would have been found in whipped butter that would render it unkosher for Passover, but it did not matter. I freeze butter anyway, so I replenished our supply with the fifty cents on the dollar kind.

I will make the rounds at various Kroger stores on Monday to try to score the gluten free egg noodles and Dr. Praegers spinach pancakes from the freezer section. These are completely worthy at the clearance price. Stay tuned, and if you are reading this blog in a timely manner, check out your own local grocery store for some amazing steals on the Passover stock.

I love this time of year!

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Triplethefunplus2 said...

I didn't read in a timely manner, but thanks for the information for next year! Still working on the process and see the GI doctor on Monday!!

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