Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Gala Art Gallery Opening for Dalia

When Dalia Koppes,one of our very own (Real Housewives of Franklin County) had her very first art show last night, we all came to support her. We turned out in droves and made sure her gala art show was a smash. The evening belonged to our Dalia, and she did us all so very proud.
Everyone was ooohing and ahhhhing at the collection aptly named, Dreamscapes.

Of course it totally helped that her pieces are magnificent. Each canvas was dreamy with lots of muted and blended color swirling into a vision of her dreams. We were all so incredibly proud of Dalia.

As a group we posed for photos in front of her work. This gave us the chance to document the moment and capture the elegance of her art.

We enjoyed a beautiful evening in the Hayley Gallery in New Albany. Dalia Koppes collection will be on exhibit until May 21. I would urge you to take a peek at her incredible pieces when you are in the neighborhood.The gallery itself is full of artsy fartsy trinkets, glass sculptures and jewlery. There is something for everyone there.

As I mingled with my friends with Dalia's art in the backdrop, I could totally visualize the camera crews and directors as if we were really in an episode of the Real Housewives of Franklin County. I am serious when I say, my ladies are so entertaining. Now, in addition to the pilates queens, the diva Mommies with more than 2 kids, and the local craziness that is Columbus, we have an artist in the mix.

Move over, Orange County. Move Over.

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