Friday, April 2, 2010

Dinner on the Deck

Spring has sprung. I am not afraid to say it, although, I would not be shocked if we got a final little blast of snow. The kids have been spending a ton of time outside and I am so glad that we power washed and repainted the deck.

It is vastly neater to feed the children meals and snacks outside. Crumbs? Spills? No problem, we just let the birds enjoy the leftovers, and if necessary, we can hose down any stick stuff. Feeding my wild monkeys on the deck is so nice. It is evenings like this

that make me really thankful for the ability to banish the dinner diners to the deck. Say that five times really fast!

I am almost ready to bring out the patio furniture cushions and officially welcome spring. I have a full tank of propane in the grill and I am good to go for gas grilling.

With our retractable awning I am told that this outdoor space is technically called a Martini deck. I like the sound of that, so now I order the kids outside onto our Martini deck. It seems only fitting that Mommie should partake of a smart martini while feeding the kids out there. Dinner on the deck is getting better and better.

I survived another Central Ohio winter. Woooooo-Hooooooo! Cheers, from my Martini Deck....dinner anyone?

and, yeah, I know it was April Fools day, but I did not have the energy to make up some cockamay-me story this year. There was not way in hell I was going to fool anyone with a pregnancy test stick anyhow.

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