Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dental Drama and Disney Preparations

I have been running myself ragged trying to get ready for our big change of scenery. There is so much to do in order to leave, and there are the normal activities to do until we go. Of course, Jeff is out of town, so I am flying solo like a whirling maniacal mommie hopped up on lattes and high protein, low carb snacks.

I sure hope my kids appreciate how cute they looked when they were at Disney, because packing all the matching hair bows, sandals and outfits is exhausting. I am little OCD about the clothes and accessories because I know I am going to create the cutest pages for their memory books- so it is crucial that their clothing be all coordinated and matchy for the photographs. Is it sad that I decorate my kids so they will have cute scrapbooks?

Hell hath no fury like Helene when a bow is missing or a shoe is no where to be found. Thus the mad search to lay out all the stuff before cramming it into suitcases. I start days ahead and plan, plan, plan.

Eli had a trip to the dentist to get a cavity filled. Since he was born before the third trimester his enamel is weak, and he is prone to dental decay. He is a good brusher and flosser but he still manages to have sensitive teeth.

He was an awesome patient and he conned the dental hygienist into giving him 3 extra prizes for his siblings. The entire office was touched that he thought to ask for something for them, and I explained that this gesture had nothing to do with being nice. He just knew it would be World War III if he came home with something cool and they did not get a toy as well. After we got home, all the other kids were complaining about their (imaginary) cavities because they wanted to visit the dentist too. Oy, one co-pay and two fillings is enough already.

In between all the packing, I have a few other things to do before we can drift on down to Disney. Haircuts. Groceries. Car Wash and Vac. Laundry. The ordinary every day stuff only premeditated. I even typed up a check list for the various bags.

extra battery/charger/cord
OFF wipes
Shout Wipes
Purell foam
Paper Towels
Band-Aid kit
DVD collection
20oz coffee tumbler
Cell Phone Charger
printed confirmations/reservations
ziploc bags
gift cards/coupons
health insurance cards
small dixie cups
laundry soap nuggets

This may be the all time craziest hair brained scheme I have ever tried. Ten Days. Disney. Driving. Who smells a recipe for disaster? Anyone? Anyone?

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