Saturday, April 10, 2010

Child Labor is just Dandy

I have put my kids to work in the past. I am certainly not above child labor when it comes to multi-tasking and maximizing the work force that are my children. Back in the good old days, kids were expected to do chores, help on the farm and be accountable for the well being of the whole family.

That old fashioned work ethic is alive and well here. I decided that after yesterdays gardening expedition I needed to channel their energy for picking. Voile! Problem solved. I am a genius. I created a garden game called Dandelion Derby.

We had contest after contest for picking the dandelions. Who can pick the most in a two minute period? Who can make their picked pile the highest?

You get the idea.

My kids are experts and picking dandelions. At one point we had collected enough yellow weeds to throw them up in the air like Mary Tyler Moore and her beret.

It was raining dandelions and Child Labor might just make it after all.

I am giddy with excitement over this latest development. How long before the kids figure out that pulling weeds is work? In the mean time I am milking this for all it is worth because in my house, Child Labor is just dandy.

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Kari said...

I used to pay my kids a penny apiece. If they got the root, they got extra!

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