Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Blob about Sushi

My kids are getting a very culturally diverse upbringing. Between the Panamanian Au Pair, the Jewish Preschool. Kilan, Dora, and counting to ten with Daddy for Karate, these kids are all over anything ethnic.

When we go out for dinner there is some form of International cuisine in the restaurant selection. We rarely dine in an American restaurant. These kids are exposed to all kinds of food and culture and it is kind of cool that age four they enjoy experiencing all the unique forms of diversity.

I was so pleased to watch as they played with the sushi set at Temple Beth Chanel.

Take a look at this play set, it is awesome. We had fried chicken legs and foil compartmentalized trays with Swanson's T.V. dinners to mock when I was their age. I had no idea what sushi even was until I started eating it at Shogun in Scottsdale when I visited Wende.This is a photo of one of my first sushi encounters- and I am a 15 years older than four.

Eli specifically asked for the ikura (salmon roe) and Natalie was hoarding the albacore tuna like she does when we go out for sushi. The white tuna is her favorite. Of course they fought over unagi and rice. Typical. I loved that my little people actually knew the names of the various pieces of sushi.

The hand roll was the last piece of sushi to be selected, just like when we go to Sapporo in Westerville.

As I stood there, watching them pour

the imaginary soy sauce, Natalie said," Mommie, look at me, c'mon Mom, take a picture of me for your BLOB!" I had a little chuckle about her calling my blog a blob, and then I proceeded to snap more pics.

So here is my blob about sushi. Photos and all!

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mr. pineapple man said...

that is so cute! i wish i had a sushi playset when i was young :)

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