Friday, April 9, 2010

8 Green Thumbs

We have been taking our daily walks around the perimeter of the yard. The kids monitor the growth of the bulbs and they notice every single stem. We are really working on resisting the urge to pick tulips and other flowers. As we do the tour of the grounds I repeat, "Just look with your eyes!" a hundred blasted times.

Right now the yard is green and gorgeous. The shrubs and bushes are full of leaves and the garden is just waiting for bedding plants. We have our fair share of weeds and unwanted pesky plants, but the kids could care less. Like I have time to pull stray spikes and manicure the lawn?

Here are some photos of my helpers.

Notice all the tulips in their hands? Ummm, yeah, so much for looking with their eyes. My tulip border is sparse all of a sudden.

Most people have a green thumb and are glad it is spring. I am one of those people. I am fortunate enough to have 8 little green thumbs. Let's hope they keeping looking with their eyes and not their hands.

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