Thursday, April 29, 2010

Herbs in the Burbs, Field Trip # 425

As if things weren't apeshit crazy enough, I decided to take the kids on another one of my famous free field trips. I think this one is # 425 but who is counting? It was the most perfect spring day to be outdoors so I headed over the Gahanna City Hall grounds, which is home to the Geroux Herb Garden.

The kids totally invaded the place.

They smelled the various plants and did a damn fine job identifying some correctly. Lemon Balm and Mint were the easy ones, but Eli got lavender
and Natalie got Rosemary. CJ was too busy climbing on rocks to care about the foliage. I tried in vain to find the SERENITY NOW plant, but did not have any luck.

As we lolly-gagged about, a woman came out to greet us from the inside of the Gahanna City offices. She introduced herself, and told me that she saw us from inside the building. She asked permission to send the city photographer out to shoot the kids in the herb garden. Like she had to twist my arm?
As long as I get copies of the pics for my blog, sure, why not.

The four models did their best to put on a decent show. They are naturals at mugging for the camera. I hope the real photographer got better images than I did because my little digital paled in comparison to his "real" camera. Wouldn't it be a wonderful gift to get another decent image of all four kids smiling. I seriously have to take 144 shots to get one usable jpeg, and yet when a complete stranger asks my kids to sit and look and smile, they do it. Not fair.

After an hour in the herbs, we scooted over to Jeffrey Mansion for a play date. The triplets have a more active social schedule than me, and I am just their driver. The weather was so ideal that there were several kids from preschool already at the playground.

I enjoyed our morning of outdoor fun but needed the tallest coffee I could find to tackle the afternoon. I survived on adrenaline and caffeine until dinner, showers, bedtime and detailing then loading the van- in that order.

We are outta here in the morning. Atlanta or bust. Hopefully I will find the SERENITY NOW herbs.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Miss Trish of Capri and Me

I have LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the whimsical sandals by Miss Trish of Capri for years. I own two pairs that I paid way too much for back before I had my own little class of preschoolers. Miss Trish of Capri sandals are about all things summer and beachy with a hint of elegant opulence. They are simply the cutest sandals, EVER!

I have the fondest memories of my first pair of Miss Trish thongs. I bought them in Palm Beach and I when I returned to Kansas City everyone asked about my sandals. They were stunning. This was a hundred years ago, when I could drop a couple hundred bucks on luxury impulses without reporting my crimes to a husband or without taking food out of the mouths of my children.

Imagine my complete shock to find Miss Trish of Capri is doing a line of shoes for, TARGET. Yes, Target. I gasped so loud the lady next to me thought I was having a heart attack when I spotted them on the rack. These are a special run of sandals created just for the red bullseye and they are fabulous. Who cares if the inside foot bed says Miss Trish for Target- as if that matters to me?

Anyone who had known me for three seconds would tell you how I am all over the pink and green. My kids look as if Lilly Pulitzer threw up on them most days, even the boys. I breathe pink and green this time of year and will wear these sandals

to death. I am even thinking of grabbing and second pair for when I wear out the first ones. I am that in awe.

Knowing that these thongs must have the absolute right color pink pedicure, I grabbed the nail polish from cosmetics too. You did not think I would dare to debut these sweet sandals with the wrong color polish on my toes? Puhlieeeez.

Since my girls have a shoe thing already (it was inevitable) I got them each a pair of the pink and green thongs.
The kiddie version has a back strap that is adjustable with velcro. I could not bear the thought of seeing them on another little girl knowing that I could have, should have, would have. Since it was Target they were like 90% off of the regular Miss Trish of Capri price. I am serious.

I bought three pairs- one for Charlotte, Natalie and me and I spent a freaction of what I would have spent on just one measily pair for moi.

Hurry into Target, these are gonna like hotcakes. After blogging about these I am logging off to hit another Target to check for the seahorse and starfish versions I saw on line. I am borderline obsessed with these. Just borderline.

Ahhhhhh Florida, here we come!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dental Drama and Disney Preparations

I have been running myself ragged trying to get ready for our big change of scenery. There is so much to do in order to leave, and there are the normal activities to do until we go. Of course, Jeff is out of town, so I am flying solo like a whirling maniacal mommie hopped up on lattes and high protein, low carb snacks.

I sure hope my kids appreciate how cute they looked when they were at Disney, because packing all the matching hair bows, sandals and outfits is exhausting. I am little OCD about the clothes and accessories because I know I am going to create the cutest pages for their memory books- so it is crucial that their clothing be all coordinated and matchy for the photographs. Is it sad that I decorate my kids so they will have cute scrapbooks?

Hell hath no fury like Helene when a bow is missing or a shoe is no where to be found. Thus the mad search to lay out all the stuff before cramming it into suitcases. I start days ahead and plan, plan, plan.

Eli had a trip to the dentist to get a cavity filled. Since he was born before the third trimester his enamel is weak, and he is prone to dental decay. He is a good brusher and flosser but he still manages to have sensitive teeth.

He was an awesome patient and he conned the dental hygienist into giving him 3 extra prizes for his siblings. The entire office was touched that he thought to ask for something for them, and I explained that this gesture had nothing to do with being nice. He just knew it would be World War III if he came home with something cool and they did not get a toy as well. After we got home, all the other kids were complaining about their (imaginary) cavities because they wanted to visit the dentist too. Oy, one co-pay and two fillings is enough already.

In between all the packing, I have a few other things to do before we can drift on down to Disney. Haircuts. Groceries. Car Wash and Vac. Laundry. The ordinary every day stuff only premeditated. I even typed up a check list for the various bags.

extra battery/charger/cord
OFF wipes
Shout Wipes
Purell foam
Paper Towels
Band-Aid kit
DVD collection
20oz coffee tumbler
Cell Phone Charger
printed confirmations/reservations
ziploc bags
gift cards/coupons
health insurance cards
small dixie cups
laundry soap nuggets

This may be the all time craziest hair brained scheme I have ever tried. Ten Days. Disney. Driving. Who smells a recipe for disaster? Anyone? Anyone?

Monday, April 26, 2010

It is not all sunshine, rainbows and roses

This is a blog post that documents the actual life of Helene Slutsky, it has not been edited to make it viewer friendly. This post is in the original format and contains graphic images of life with triplets plus one. Read and watch at your own risk. No children were harmed in the making of the video.

My children are well behaved a majority of the time. Especially in public. As a rule they are far less likely to have a full meltdown outside our home, but on occasion, it happens. I have more patience than the average mom, but once in a great while my kids totally test my limits.

While Jeff was out of town and Argenida was off doing I am not sure what, I ventured to Costco with all four of the kids. This is a regular outing for us, and there are behavioral expectations. My kids know that they are to sit in the cart. They understand that when they show me they can act like ladies and gentleman there are rewards. Sometimes we get a snack bar treat, sometimes they get their hands stamped with a happy face as we exit. These are the currencies that get us through the store with four kids and one adult.

Going to Costco is fun for them. There are numerous samples of foods I normally would not feed them, but allow them to try at Costco. There are large swing sets on display along with inflatable pools and other enormous toys. We tour the warehouse and watch for the street sweeper. My children love Costco almost as much as I do.

Once in a great while, like this last trip, we get to see the box crusher. There is nothing more entertaining to my cart full of kids than the mechanical box crushing machine. They will sit and watch the show for twenty minutes. The Costco employees collect a flat bed full of empty cardboard boxes and they load them into the machine. When the handle is pulled and the boxes are pulverized until they are flat as a pancake, my kids hoot, holler and cheer.

This is pure 4 year old joy. Costco is full of adventure. Sometimes the box crusher, sometimes a blender demo and a massage chair. Who knew?

As I mentioned earlier in this post, there are times when it is not all Costco sunshine, roses, and friggin rainbows. On this last visit, Eli purposely dumped his yogurt sample in Natalie's hair. Charlotte would not stay seated and tested the limits until I had to force her tush into the seat and buckle her in. Natalie kept whining and would not quit. They monkeyed around touching displays from the cart. They intentionally dropped stuff out of the basket and onto the floor. They were awful.

It was all I could do to try to keep them from annoying the other shoppers. No one wants to witness children behaving badly, especially me. I gave them the stink eye. I spoke in my serious voice where I barely move my lips but sternly state the rules. I even redirected them numerous times in the hopes that my distractions would channel their behavior elsewhere.


Welcome to Hell, where this Mommie is outnumbered by persistent and willful children. I did my best to finish my shopping and get them into the van asap. No stops for frozen yogurt or a mocha freeze. We were headed directly to the van. CJ was the only one who had good behavior and you can bet I was praising him the entire way out the door. I was truly making an example out of his ability to make good choices. I could tell the other kids understood what they did wrong, yet they continued to make poor decisions. They were behaving like maniacs, ON PURPOSE!

As the receipt checker marked off our bill, she asked if they could have a happy face stamp? OH NO! NOT THIS TIME. NO WAY. I told her that sadly, only CJ used his best behavior in the store, and that he was the only one who earned a happy face. She inked him up with a happy face stamp on the back of his hand and we left. The other three went completely ballistic. Screaming. Temper tantrums. Crying. Absolute hysteria. I continued to smile as I pushed the cart full of groceries and banshees in the parking lot.

I did my best to capture this on video because most of the time when I just pretend to record them, they cease and desist immediately. This time, they were out of control. This is my own HELL!

and I got it for your viewing astonishment. Are you mortified?

As I was making the video several other patrons were horrified at the spectacle. I just smiled and asked them if they wanted to buy a ticket to hell? Most of them laughed and did the whole- "been there done that" smile back, but one guy offered me a hand getting the bags into the van so I could buckle them up and get outta dodge. He was obviously a dad to some toddlers because he totally got it.

So when you look at the blog and see all the sunshine and smileys you should know that my kids are NOT perfect. They are normal, ordinary children that test their mother once in a while.

Anyone want to buy a ticket to hell? I still have some really good seats available!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Infamous Twin Sale where I am Famous and other silly stuff

The CMOTC had the Spring sale this weekend. It was members only on Friday night and this is the first year I went to shop. I did not have time to tag all my stuff and haul it to Hilliard, so instead of making money, I showed up, shopped and spent a whopping $121 on about a thousand dollars worth of gear.

I wore my black tee shirt, with the blinged out front that says Mommys Sippy Cup. Nothing says you are the mother of multiples like a rhinestone martini shirt. I was rocking the sale with my pure, full on, Mommie glam.

As I toured the gym scouting out a bargain on a twin jogging stroller, I met some of my blog readers. I was sort of taken a back by introductions and kind comments I got. I did not know how many local moms actually read my blog. Here is the official shout out to Amy, who made a point of seeking me out to say hello. I think my shirt tipped her off. It felt nice to know that people read and enjoy this blog, since my own mother does not read it, mocks it, and has the nerve to just skim over my writing to just look at the pictures. Thanks CMOTC readers, thanks for the kick ass sale and the nice feedback on my silly Slutsky life.

So you are all probably wondering what in the hell I was doing in the stroller department. I have been totally stroller-less for about a year. Why on earth would I want to buy a twin jogger? Okay, I am going to spill the beans on a little secret. Since I normally post in the past tense, I will break my golden rule and confess....I am scheming and plotting the ultimate hair-brained field trip ever. I am insane- and that is why you find the blog so blissfully entertaining, right? Oy. The madness.

I am taking all four kids to the house of the mouse in Orlando next week. Yes, Disney World. In Florida. From Columbus. By minivan.

So, back to the double stroller search- I could not begin to fathom spending $29 a day, plus tax on a stroller rental from Uncle Walt. While it might be the happiest place on earth, it would be most aggrevating place on earth if I had to plunk down $150 beans for a stroller I did not get to keep. I figured I could score a nice twin jogger for half the price of the rental if I showed up early to the sale, and played my cards right.

Yes, Yes, Yea, my kids are old enough to walk a good portion of the damn Disney day but the idea of being a pack mule with a cooler bag, camera, sunscreen, and other crap, times FOUR, scares the shit out of me. I fear the schlepping of all the stuff, the sweating, the hand holding, in addition to dragging four kids out of the park when they are dog tired and refuse to walk at a decent pace. The stroller is the solution to those problems and buying one at the sale was a genius idea. I got a great deal on a pre-owned double jogger with a sun canopy and a huge basket with storage compartments for $60, so bite me Disney, I am not spending an insane amount of hard earned money on your plastic strollers.

Thankfully my sister and her kids along with Nana and Papa are meeting us there. They are bringing me another double stroller to use for the trip. I will be able to push the kids in style, rather than wing it stroller-less and regret it forever.

Now you know why I am freaking out about time management. Gathering all the clothes, toiletries, accessories, swim gear, electronics and packing it for a road trip is stressful. Driving 17 hours in my van with four kids age four and under is bad, but forgetting something vital and having to pay full retail is worse. So I am micromanaging the planning to a science. I have been neglecting other responsibilities to make sure I am ready when Friday morning rolls around. The blog is totally back burner.

So if any of my blog readers are planning to be in Orlando at all next week, make sure you stop and say hello if and when you see me. I would shit twice and die (in a good way) if anyone recognized me and thanked me for the blog entertainment. I would absolutely kvell over it if my mom was in earshot of the kind words too. Nanny Nanny Boo Boo. We could take photos and I would post them on the blog of course! I guess maybe I am only famous locally. Drats, I wished I had remembered to snap some pics of Amy and me at the sale. I was too focused on the stroller to worry about anything else. Obviously.

So, let me ask a question..... What are you going to do now that the twin sale is over? WE ARE GOING TO DISNEYWORLD.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Preschool Party Arty

Jeff and I attended the party for the preschool last night. This fundraiser, art show, party
and silent auction is an annual event that helps the school fund special programming. I have been going to the event for three years. It is always fun and fabulous.

Two years ago when I was first introduced to the preschool I went to support RS and her kids. I was completely mind boggled at the artwork these children created and I knew I had found the spot for our kids.

The following year my little preschool picassos had their masterpieces on display and we shared the party with the other parents.

This year was a bittersweet art show. It is the triplets last year of preschool. I got a little misty when I browsed through all the galleries and marveled at their talents. They have come a long way since their humble beginnings. I loved oohing and ahhing at the entire art collection as a whole.

The comments under their canvas paintings were priceless. If you double click on the image you can read them for yourself.
I think Natalie was inspired by Uncle Silvan for this one. I know CJ really painted this tiger and tree because he had paint under his fingernails for days afterward.
I was anxious to see the final work and discover what he did with green, orange and black paint. Then there is Eli's duckie with textured feathers/hair.
His commentary is totally Eli. LOVE IT!

The decorative painted glass plates

turned out awesome, and the watercolors were double matted

and will be framed and showcased in our dining room. The colors will really pop against my bright purple walls.

I took a ton of photos of the people and the food, but when it comes to an art exhibit featuring the talents of my triplets, all the other images pale in comparison. So I will spare you the all the jpgs. and just leave it at bragging on my preschool picassos.

I have an action packed next 72 hours and I must log off now. No facebook, no blog, no nothing for the next 48 hours at least. Peace out.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Blob about Sushi

My kids are getting a very culturally diverse upbringing. Between the Panamanian Au Pair, the Jewish Preschool. Kilan, Dora, and counting to ten with Daddy for Karate, these kids are all over anything ethnic.

When we go out for dinner there is some form of International cuisine in the restaurant selection. We rarely dine in an American restaurant. These kids are exposed to all kinds of food and culture and it is kind of cool that age four they enjoy experiencing all the unique forms of diversity.

I was so pleased to watch as they played with the sushi set at Temple Beth Chanel.

Take a look at this play set, it is awesome. We had fried chicken legs and foil compartmentalized trays with Swanson's T.V. dinners to mock when I was their age. I had no idea what sushi even was until I started eating it at Shogun in Scottsdale when I visited Wende.This is a photo of one of my first sushi encounters- and I am a 15 years older than four.

Eli specifically asked for the ikura (salmon roe) and Natalie was hoarding the albacore tuna like she does when we go out for sushi. The white tuna is her favorite. Of course they fought over unagi and rice. Typical. I loved that my little people actually knew the names of the various pieces of sushi.

The hand roll was the last piece of sushi to be selected, just like when we go to Sapporo in Westerville.

As I stood there, watching them pour

the imaginary soy sauce, Natalie said," Mommie, look at me, c'mon Mom, take a picture of me for your BLOB!" I had a little chuckle about her calling my blog a blob, and then I proceeded to snap more pics.

So here is my blob about sushi. Photos and all!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Deer in My Headlights

I took all the kids to breakfast at Whole Foods. Jeff was out of town again and we were up and out by 7:25 to take Argenida to school. I saved a good thirty minutes by NOT feeding the kids breakfast before we left.

After dropping Argenida downtown, I schlepped out to Whole Foods in Dublin. I bought a box of Puffins and a quart of yogurt

along with some fresh fruit. The kids copped a spot at the pint sized table. They devoured their parfait
yogurt sundaes before playing. My little learners took turns using the chalkboard.

We played restaurant and the chef prepared the meal in the Step2 kitchen. We read stories. It was a delightful way to spend the wee hours of the morning.

I even let the kids take turns taking my photo. I proudly held my coffee as if it were my badge of courage.

As you can see, I was looking especially fetching considering the ungodly hour in which I was up and moving before the liquid infusion of caffeine. These photographs are untouched and unedited- ha ha ha.

After the kids had played for an hour, we did a little more shopping around the store. As we moved through the frozen foods I was approached by a good looking guy in a pressed dress shirt and slacks. He smiled and engaged me conversation. I had assumed he was going to ask me where to find an item as if he were lost. Then, after a few brief exchanges, he said, "I would love to take you out for coffee or drink sometime." I actually turned around to see if there was someone standing behind me. I could not fathom the question.

Me:(shocked and dismayed) Are you insane?
Guy: No, not at all.
Me: Do you realize these four kids are MY CHILDREN?

Guy: (looking at my boobs and not hearing a g-dammed word I said) Huh???
Me: I said, these are my kids.
Guy: (making eye contact) They are yours? You are not a teacher?
Me: (nodding) Right, so that drink- yeah, not gonna happen."
Guy: (laughing) Okay, nice talking to you.

I am pretty sure after reflecting and re-hashing the scenario in my mind, this man thought I was on a legitimate field trip and was the teacher. He was staring at my boobs like a deer in the headlights. (literally caught in the headlights) He was not able to think and process the situation at all. Boobs have that mind numbing affect I guess. So ladies, if you are a single mom, there is hope for dating. Just pack up your kids, wear a supportive bra and head on over to Whole Foods. You might just get lucky.

As we left the store my kids had to stop and smell the roses. And herbs.

Life is too short not to smell the basil.

Whole Foods- where else can you go for breakfast, groceries, garden gazing and a pick up?

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