Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tinker Toys are Tinkering with Me

Nana and Papa generously purchased a 200+ piece set of brand new Tinker toys at Toys R Us. The huge tub of tinker toys (remember when tinkertoys were made of wood?) was a hit with the kids, that is for sure.

Papa was competing with the kids for parts and tinker toy rods.

He was making a nifty stroller and was practically taking the toys away from his own grandchildren just tofinish his personal project. I know he gave these as a gift because he secretly, or not so secretly wanted to play with them himself.

I was really shocked to see that even Tinker toys are downsizing. Now, they are plasticand not remotely like wood- at all. Much like what used to be a half gallon of ice cream, they are packaged to deceive the consumer. Check out the enormous looking round tub of tinker toys. You would think the bucket would be full of parts and pieces, but no, that is exactly the case.

The fine folks at Hasbro have put a false bottom in the container. There are two cardboard rings that are layered into the storage can to give the illusion of fullness. The reality is that the product can is less than half full of tinker toys once you remove the raisers. Hasbro should be called Has-Faux. What a load of crap.

As much as it pissed me off I could not stay mad for long. The children were building all kinds of contraptions and having a blast.

There was no way I was going to rain on their parade, so I sucked it up, took photos and ooohed and ahhhhed over every creation.

I was glad that Natalie was sporting this shirt today,since Nana was here to see it for herself.

I swear I am getting older and more cynical every day. I actually got peeved at a container of Tinker toys today. The tinker toys are tinkering with me and I am none too pleased. It is a damn good thing my kids are totally cute, otherwise, I might have to tinker with the cheap bastards at Hasbro, or should I say Has-No? Which is what they will be, when customers like me, are wise to their "games."

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