Saturday, March 13, 2010

There's a Starbucks in My Jacuzzi

My kids know me too well. They use imaginative play to mimic what they know, and what they know is Mommie.

Here is Natalie serving me a caff-a chino with foam.

When I engaged Eli in the same little conversation he offered me a martini with green olives, then a martini with pickles, just to be hilarious. Pickles? Olives? Makes no difference to me, the kid knows his momma.

So as much as I pretend to bitch and moan about my home, the fact of the matter is this: I have a Starbucks in my master bathroom jacuzzi tub and if I play my cards right I can choose between a martini with green olives, or a caffa-chino.

I am truly blessed.

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