Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Slutsky Rabbis

Back in July of 2002 I accompanied Jeff to Orlando for a speaking convention. We were dating at the time, and it was my first chance to meet most of his colleagues and travel with him. I had a blast on that little trip and who knew there would be some serious foreshadowing during that week.

I remember how much fun it was to watch Mitchell with Austin. I never had a close relationship with any of my cousins because both my parents were only children. I have lots of second and third cousins, but when it comes to going on vacation with a cousin in my own age bracket, that wasn't gonna happen. I was a little jealous of Austin and Mitchell on that Orlando trip, but I loved hanging out with them. I could tell they were good friends.

The in suite jacuzzi was a great place to unwind after a day at the theme parks. I caught Austin and Mitchell enjoying a nice bubble bath/hot tub moment. When they made beards out of the bubbles I only encouraged them by calling them my two Rabbis.They hammed it up and even posed for this photo, which now is displayed in my master bathroom.

Here are Eli and CJ doing the exact same schtick in my jacuzzi tub. I quickly got my camera and snapped this photo, knowing that it is a dead ringer for the Mitchell and Austin pose from 8 years ago.I said foreshadowing earlier in this post, and I meant it.

The Slutsky genes are pretty damn strong when you think about. In these photos we have 4 boys from 3 different mothers yet they all have that similar look of Slutsky-ness. It is hard to imagine that Eli and CJ can look this much like Austin and Mitchell.

Regardless, I now have 4 Rabbi Slutskys hanging on my wall.

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