Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Real Housewives of Franklin County- The Hebrew Edition

When the Rockin Morrocan invited us to a fundraiser for her preschool, The Real Housewives of Franklin County, Jewess division came out in full force.We donned our predictable uniform of black tops with designer jeans and accessorized ourselves with handsome Jewish husbands and kids. We owned the shindig in the synagogue social hall.

My kids had an absolute blast. They did not even care that this was not their school, they were too busy crafting,

and making projects. There was a really long line for face paintings but three of my four went for the wow factor.

Eli was a ducky, Natalie a kitty and Miss Charlotte was sporting her favorite penguins. CJ was way too busy eating and running around.

The table settings were darling. The floral centerpieces featured huge silk gerbera daisies
with the preschoolers photo in the center. Mark my words, I am calling it: Gluten free is like the new, low-carb in dietary restrictions. Everyone is into going Gluten free. The buffet had clearly marked gluten free choices on it.

CJ was in heaven with gluten free brownies, cupcakes, pizza, lasagna and spaghetti among the other delicious items.

Here I am showing off my best accessories- the husband and kids.
Photo credits by each respectively. I could not be one of the Real Housewives of Franklin County without them. Shalom!


Michele S said...

Oh, boy. Screw the Mormons. I could totally hang with your people! I have the wardrobe!!!! I dare someone to say I'm not Jewish. I'm gluten free EVEN!

Chickens are all the rage too. I want you to jump on that bandwagon, STAT.

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

Michele- You are killin me with those blasted chickens. I bet you end up with some very meaty, free range, all natural birds. I will also venture a guess that you will have ten bucks a piece in them when it is all said and done. I know this is a LUCY scheme and an educational experience for your children, but honey, at ten bucks a pop I will continue to buy mine at Costco.

Since you have the uniform and the boat load of kids, you can be an honorary member of my Jewish Housewives. Just make sure Greg gets re-circumsized. Muhhhh ahhhah hahhhha

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