Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Proud Moments

The kids have been learning letters. They can recognize the entire alphabet and know all the sounds. In English and American Sign Language. We have been watching Signing Times Dvds from the library.

If your kids are really thirsty for all things communication and learning, I highly recommend Rachel Coleman and her series of videos. The kids LOVE watching them and they are picking up all of the signs like sponges. I am amazed at how many of the signs they have retained.

I firmly believe that this is helping them grasp sounds, recognition and phonics in their writing and reading skills. Natalie made me a picture this week and she wrote my name on the top.
She was beaming with pride and could not wait to show me her work.

Eli is really into expressing himself by drawing. He had gotten really great at drawing people and animals. Last week at Purim he drew himself as a frog and it legitimately looked like the red eyed tree frog costume. Since he name is three letters long he has mastered it and is always writing it on his masterpieces.

CJ on the other hand is more fascinated in taking the pens apart and putting them back together. He understands the alphabet, can sing his abc's, and is quite content to just draw in a more contemporary Picasso style. He is always asking how to spell something and when I tell him, he nods and takes it in. I am not sure what he is doing with that information.

The kids were officially accepted to CHANEL school for Kindergarten. By August I am sure they will all be more than ready to dive into the curriculum and be nurtured and educated. The next few months of homeschooling will be bittersweet because we are just now getting to the point where they actually are fun to work with at the table.

I am proud of their accomplishments, and these moments are a long, long, long way from those NICU days when I wondered if they would ever catch up to their peers. I can kiss those doubts good-bye as we say hello to Kindergarten, I am beyond proud.

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Ephraim said...

phonemic awareness=perfection!!!

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