Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Cute Cubby Corner and other Home Related Fantasies

What was once useless space is now my cubby corner. The back hallway project is a success.We now have a functional area at the garage door hallway and my clutter is a thing of the past.

These cubbies turned out perfectly. There are four locker like units each with an interior hook
and a double coat hook at the current kid level. Since we know that they will be taller in the blink of an eye, we hung the cubbies a little higher than what we need right now, anticipating their growth. There are two shoe/boot racks underneath

with a flat shelf all the way across the top. I have yet to find the ideal baskets for this spot, but I intend to use the decorative baskets with off season storage of clothing and accessories.

If you are thinking of installing these to add a make shift mud room, I would highly recommend it. My kids now have a system when the come home from school. They put their lunchboxes on the shoe shelf, hang their coats and put their backpacks in their cubbies. I am training them for when Kindergarten starts and we are up and out the door every morning on a tight schedule. This amazing organizational system will keep all the important must haves in a specific spot. It will eliminate the search for missing shoes, coats and lunches.

Now that I am satisfied with the custom cubbies it is time to get serious about building a master bedroom closet on the wall. Mark needs the work and I need the space for all of our stuff. Jeff and I inherited our current master bedroom furniture and it is a hodge podge of hand me downs and leftovers. It would be nice to create a wall unit with drawers and spaces for our personal belongings. I visualize an adult version of the cubbies with cabinets rather than lockers, a real spot for our television and a hanging closet for my "good" clothes.

In hindsight we should have bought a home with a spacious walk-in closet, but little did I know that we would end up with 6 kids and a live-in aupair. My needs and priorities have shifted and my own dreams are on hold. In a perfect world I would have an enormous walk-in closet/dressing area with its on zip code. Something like one of these

would do quite nicely, right? Add this to the Vita Mix Blender and Human Touch massage chair please. I dream BIG.

Here is my version of a Mark can make it pipe dream.
I know it is wishful thinking, but maybe I can talk my handyman Mark into moving into the guest room. I'll trade him room, board and meals for my dream wall unit. What is another mouth to feed?

The cubby corner is complete. Project dream turned to reality. C'mon Mark, we will leave the light on for you.

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