Monday, March 22, 2010

It is about CJ and it is PERSONAL TO ME

I am not one to blog much about politics but last night the Senate approved the health care reform bill. Jeff and I stayed awake past our bedtime on a school night tuned into C-Span. We have more than the average family at stake when it comes to pre-existing conditions and insurance premiums. Passing the health care reform is personal.

Our current situation with health care is grim. Our underdog, our little fighter, our son, our precious miracle,CJ has to stay with his current policy because Celiac disease is a pre-existing condition that prevents us from switching policies or carriers. Our premiums went up 27% in 2008, and another 35% in 2009 bringing our monthly nut to $1045 for a plan with decent benefits and a $2500 deductible. Our renewal is in May and guess what? YUP, another 39% increase over last year. It is outrageous.

Jeff and the other kids are on a similar plan with a higher deductible, and a much lower premium. They were able to shop around when the increases hit us because they do not have any health care red flags. Ideally, CJand I would like to be on Jeff's policy but, they won't accept us because of the Celiac diagnosis.

Factor this crap into the future if you will. In order for CJ to have health insurance we are forced to be taken advantage of by our provider, because we CAN NOT SWITCH. Our entire bank account could be drained if G-d forbid he got sick or had a problem without insurance at all. Just look at this face,we simply can't be in a situation where we are denied access to the Cleveland Clinic for him. We won't.

Celiac is an auto-immune disease and while he is considered in remission while CJ maintains a gluten free diet, it is scary to think about the long term cost of getting coverage. We have been willing to pay all the enormous increases over the last few years because, WE HAD TO. We did not have a choice in the matter. Unlike the Duggar family, we do not have the folks at TLC to bail us out if we are under-insured and face a medical crisis. We are willing to pay our premiums for the fear of the unknown.

I lose sleep worrying about this stuff. Aside from the actual financial premiums and costs there is also the risk that we could get cancelled. Then what? We would be totally screwed. How could be do anything irresponible to this sweet faced,innocent guy? So, like we have done for the last three years, we suck it up and write the check to the thieves at our current carrier.

You can imagine why we are excited and a bit scared about government run health care. We are delighted to hear about the revisions with regard to pre-existing conditions. We are hopeful that these reforms will have a positive affect on us as a family. I do not have to stay awake at night praying that CJ will stay in remissionand continue to be this cute, curious, curly topped boy who has health insurance. He'll be able to get coverage with all of us, on one plan, with one premium and deductible.

I know the changes will take time, but it is great to know that our future is not being held hostage by our health care insurance. In honor of the passing of the health care reform bill, CJ colored some pictures and we wrote a personal thank you note for Barack Obama. We mailed them today, and when we get invited to the White House, you can come with us.

This is how much Health Care Reform means to me. It is for CJ. Thank you.


Wendy said...

I just wish people would look past politics and into what is REALLY needed for the people of this country. This isn't a by the party game, people's lives are at stake here. My good friend's son was dropped from insurance before he hit four, brain cancer (you can't imagine what their medical bills are, because like you they will borrow against everytihng they have for his treatments). What will it take for everyone to see it and work together without pointing fingers for the sake of pointing fingers! Good post!

Aaryn said...

from what I'm hearing, it's not going to be good for the doctors....obviously that means a lot to me. I'll have over $400,000 worth of debt, I can't afford for doctor's salaries to be cut....

loren said...

Aaryn - It depends where you live. Here in Iowa, they're talking about one particular provision that increases payment to doctors per medicare patient. That is a HUGE deal here and they're already talking about what a positive impact it will have on the industry... bringing in new doctors. (And our state is a flip-flopper - not Rep or Dem - so it's not unusual to hear lots of negative stuff about Obama.)

Helene - I am so happy for families like yours. Actually, I'm pretty happy about it in general!

Anonymous said...

I am actually amazed when I see the news and hear people talk and there aren't more people happy about this passing. I have friends that pay outrageous amounts for healthcare and it covers little to nothing. And they are against it for fear of their taxes increasing?? Or people complaining that they may have to wait to see a doctor. I feel happy that all of those people that have been w/out healthcare for years would be able to actually see a doctor and get the care that they desperately need. I am excited that we are trying to care for the citizens of this country all of them even the ones w/out insurance! I think it is a sad sad day in american history to turn on the news and see how selfish and uncaring people are today. Think about someone else someone like CJ for just a moment. We have needed change in the healthcare system for so long and finally there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Meemaw said...

Politics aside. CJ Slutsky for President.

Kellie said...


Have you looked into BCMH for CJ? We weren't aware that it was even an option for us until Eli was 14 months old. It is a LIFESAVER for us with all of his g-tube/formula supplies/etc. You don't qualify based on income, rather diagnosis. I would ask if BCMH would be an option for your little hero.

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