Friday, March 26, 2010

Getting Ready for Passover

somehow this post got stuck in draft mode, and did not post as originally planned. So it is posted today, even though the actual field trip occurred two weeks ago- ehhh, technical difficulties or user error?

The kids have been busy preparing for Passover. They have been learning all the details of the Seder Plate and the meaning of the items. We are almost to the point where they know more than I do about Passover. (not that I am setting the bar all that high, mind you.)

We went to a Passover story time at the Easton location of Barnes and Noble. The kids listened as the holiday related books were read,

and they helped volunteer to turn flaps on the pages. This was another one of my free field trips. I managed to get in and out of Barnes and Noble without stopping in the cafe for a caff-a-chino, call the Guinness Book of World Records on me.

It would not be a Passover event without some form of macaroons. The kids ate a few

before digging into the craft table. My children will use scissors, markers, glue, glitter, tape, and staplers like nobody's business. They have yet to meet a craft table they did not like.

In addition to the affikomen treat bags, there was a special Seder plate kit. The circles needed to be colored, cut and pasted onto the paper plates.

This is me without my brewed beverage in hand. While I might look normal next to the representative from The CHANEL school, I was really jonesing for a caffeine boost.

I helped 8 hands make some nifty Seder plate treasures. Natalie was really proud of her handiwork.I made sure to write her name and the date on the back so this special Seder plate can be a collectible, original work of art.

Given the usual preparations for Passover, like cleaning, and organizing, I will take a free field trip anytime. Thankfully, coffee is kosher for Passover and we are getting ready to celebrate a gluten free friendly holiday.

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