Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Field Trip #421, The Anthony Thomas Chocolate Factory Tour

Remember, the key to my daily survival is keeping the kids busy, while I stay fully intoxicated by generous amounts of strong coffee and or fine chocolate. Field trip #421 killed two birds with one stone. Kids were engaged and learning while Mommie ate chocolate, CHECK!

Argenida and I schlepped the kids to the Anthony Thomas chocolate factory.
The guided tour was the perfect field trip on yet another day off from preschool. We saw how chocolate is made and the 8 little eyes with us were in awe. Of course, they do not allow photographs to be taken inside the operation, so we just paid attention and soaked up all the information. It was a 30 minute tour on a catwalk above the machines and staff in action. CJ asked our guide if he could work there, as in, right now. She told him he could apply for a job when he turns 18, and poor CJ was heartbroken. He got down on the floor and looked so sad.

The tour concluded with a free sample of their famous chocolate buckeyes.

My children were thrilled to taste what they just witnessed in production. My four OSU buckeyes ate their chocolate-peanut butter buckeyes with pleasure.

It would be too obvious to say that my field trip was as much fun as being a kid in a candy store. The tour begins and ends in the Anthony Thomas gift shop, so it was temptation overload for our group. We literally were in the candy store.

I was just happy that I could share this moment with my little ones. I am sure they will remember this for a long time. There are some things that get burned on your brain as a child, and I am pretty sure this is one of those things.

I highly recommend this tour if you are in the Columbus area. It is free, only 30 minutes or so long, and is very kid friendly. I suggest you follow my lead and take a helper with you, so that when it is time to leave you can tell the kids, to go to the van and get buckled because those who listen get a chocolate surprise to eat on the way home. I am totally not above bribery, and it works. We got out of there without any meltdowns or whining.

Now... who wants to ply me with coffee and chocolate? I can be bought you know. I promise to behave, really I do.

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