Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Field Trip #420, visiting our NICU friends

When I need a feel good field trip I can count on the NICU staff at The Ohio State University Hospital. There is nothing more rewarding then showing the nurses and doctors how far we have come in such a short time.

Our photos still hang on the wall as you enter the unit and I can't help but gawk and stare at those little baby birds of mine. My how times have changed. Now we can all traipse up to the 6th floor without a stroller. We all hold hands, buzz for access into the unit and say hello. It has become so easy to go places.

Of course the highlight of the visit is the group hugwith Dr. Cordero, the chief neonatologist that discharged our preemies. He and the nurses get a sense of pride when they see our success story, times THREE!
It is so fun to show off how far we have come since our own stay in the NICU.

When it comes to field trips and days off from preschool, we have so much to do to stay busy. The field trip to the NICU is always a happy day for us.

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