Monday, March 29, 2010

The Craft Craze Continues

It all started with some coloring books and crayons a few years ago. Now our craft craziness has morphed into a daily spectacle that includes glue, glitter, scissors, papers, beads, feathers, and all kinds of mediums. If my kids are in the house there is a good probability that they are creating something.

If I had a child or two, doing art projects would be relatively fun and easy. Since I have four kids so close together in age, our artwork is chaos, and clutter from the time we start until days after we finish. Imagine sprinkles of glitter in the grout of the tile floor. Picture tiny shards of paper cut with fancy pinking shears, stuck to various surfaces. Doing arts and crafts with my kids is like turning my kitchen into a preschool.

I found that keeping my children busy is the key to my happiness. So we have a craft to do on days when we do not have a field trip. I keep a stash of supplies and materials in the garage so that I can WOW them with something new and exciting. Lately, I have been letting them have unrestricted access to paper and crayons. This allows them to just help themselves and surprise me with their brilliant works. Whether it is a constructed or spontaneous activity the kids are all too glad to get their hands dirty.

Welcome to Passover break- these few non-school days must be over scheduled to avoid whining, boredom and temper tantrums--- MINE! So field trips and craft time are lifesavers for my own personal sense of sanity.

Big Lots carries the discontinued craft kits from Martha Stewart. I scored these fold over photo cards with envelopes. The package comes with everything you need to create 8 fancy photo frames with glue, glitter and card stock.
These were really simple to decorate and assemble and they turned out awesome! I filled them with some of my favorite photos from Jennifer Mullinax.I would like to think that the quality of the images helps the cards really pop. How cool is it to receive a custom made greeting card in the mail? For my $2 investment in the kit, we totally got our monies worth.

This balloon bird kit was another example of the Martha Stewart finds from Big Lots. The kids had a blast following the directions to embellish the balloons into various birds.
All the doo dahs and parts were individually wrapped so it kept things somewhat organized. The key in this little adventure seemed to be doing only one bird at a time.

The parts were all self stick with a peel back adhesive strip so this batch of birds was crafted without any scissors or glue. They turned out adorable

and the kids then played bird parade and various other games with their new pets.

Thanks to some great spring weather, it looks like we might be putting craft time on hold so we can enjoy some outdoor field trips. I might just send Amanda and Argenida to the park with the crew so I can take my own field trip to Big Lots. I must re-stock the garage for the rainy days in April. Ahhhh, the constant craft craze continues.

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loren said...

Those balloon decorating kits turned out so cute!

I know what you mean about crafting chaos. I swear every project ends with me scrubbing glitter and glue off the table, chairs and floor. At least my house looks FABULOUS! (insert *jazz hands* here)

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