Saturday, March 6, 2010

Costco is my Social Life

You know you are the mom of multiples when going to Costco becomes a social event. I do love my Costco and the feeling is mutual. Just about every employee there knows me by name and if I dare to go there without the kids they all ask why I am alone. With the size of our family shopping Costco just makes good sense.

My friend Dana and I made a play date today. We agreed to meet at Costco so we could shop, feed the kids and enjoy ourselves in a productive sort of way. We browsed all the aisles and pushed our 6 kids age four and under in the carts. Dana's twins and my triplets plus one were living large at Costco.

We watched some demonstrations, bought groceries, and I got a massage.My kids sat patiently in the cart while I sat in the Human Touch massaging leather chair for 20 minutes. Where else can you get a robotic massagewhile your kids eat samples? And by the way, the chair is completely worthy- if I had an extra $2600 to spend, I would have brought one home. I guess I will just make a note to self that this amazing chair, along with the Vita Mix blender are my hot list items when we win the lottery.

We ran into my friend Leigh and her crew of B-B-G triplets. Nothing says it is a partylike schmoozing with your fellow partners in crime. Leigh's triplets are two years old and precious. I remember when she was 30 weeks pregnant and came to our monthly triplet Mommie dinner. I knew right then and there that she was a rock star.

Dana and I fed the kids lunch at the Costco Cafe.

It is a play date when you get to dine at a picnic table style with your friends. We got our fair share of inquiries about our crew and the standard comments of "you have your hands full" and "G-d bless you."

I forced my children to take turns pushing the heavy cart full of groceries.
I made them do this for exertion and fatigue. Adventures at Costco are exhausting,

as you can see from the looks of the kids on the drive home.

I never in a million years would have thought that going to Costco would be such a social event. Welcome to my life.

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