Monday, March 8, 2010

Conserving and Cutting Back

In an effort to go green, save money, improve the planet, and be better citizens our family has been cutting back and conserving in every possible way. We use tote bags for our purchases, we buy in bulk and stock up on sales, we use special laundry agents and cleaners for a safer, environmentally friendly result. In this recession we are becoming frugal in every aspect of our lives. We do this out of necessity as much as for our conscience.

Considering that we are a larger than average family, I am proud to spend less than the average family on our monthly bills. Despite having nine family members living here, we manage to do all right on less money. We liken our personal choices as "mind over money" and we lead a respectable lifestyle by making financially responsible choices. It takes work to live this way, and in New Albany, we are not the average family. Not even close.

I have taken pride in trimming our monthly expenses way, way, back. Our utilities, satellite television package, cell phone bill, and internet service are scrutinized and researched so that we are only paying for what we actually use. This includes trash removal and water, since we pay those quarterly.

Imagine my shock and horror when I came home to find thisbright orange door hanger on the side door. Our local water company suspected something was not right when our water consumption was four times our normal use, at more than 1000 gallons a day. HOLY MOLEY, I called pronto to find out what was wrong. It turns out that our outrageous taxes have bought the water department a state of the art alarm system. They are notified when a customer is using far more water than before, and in our case we had two days in a row with over 1000 gallons. The nice service techs came out the next morning to investigate.

After checking the humidifier, ice maker, 4 showers, 4 toilets and the laundry room they moved the search outside. It turns out that we had an exterior faucet that was not completely shut off. It had been frozen solid all winter without any issues. When the weather heated up to above 45 degrees the hose began to thaw and the water began to flow through the hose and into our yard. Thankfully, the crew discovered this problem before we flooded our property and spent a bloody fortune wasting water. As much as I bitch about the taxes and cost of living, this time, I was really appreciative of the end result.

So in our cutting back, conserving and being environmentally correct, I am baking some cookies for the water guys and the fire fighters. It is my way of saying thanks and paying it forward. Stay tuned for another educational, free, field trip brought to you by the cheapest mom of multiples.

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