Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Charlotte the Model

I have made a point of taking photos of the triplets by themselves since they were infants. I was told by some older multiples that there were two things they longed for and never got, one was their own individual birthday cake, and the other was childhood photos of them alone- without their siblings. I decided right then and there that these were two requests I could easily do. And I have done them. Religiously.

I also take into account our fourth triplet, Charlotte. If you ask her to name the triplets she says, "Eli, CJ, Natalie and ME!" She thinks she is one of them. In keeping with the plan to honor each child as an individual, I have made a point of taking pictures of Charlotte by herself. Now, when she is in elementary school and has to bring in some photographs from her earlier years, there will be plenty of images she can choose. She won't have to pretend to be a fourth triplet because she can't find a photo of herself alone.

It had been a while since I got some really nice photos of Princess Charlotte by her lonesome. I told Charlotte to come with me outside. I explained that it was her special time to get her pictures taken with my camera. She was so excited to pose and mug for the lens. This girl has always LOVED the camera, and vice versa. Just as I was getting ready to start taking the pictures, Charlotte said, "Mommie can we play fashion?" I had no idea what she meant, but playing fashion sounded good to me. Apparently, she wanted to put on a fashion show, or model with spinning and professional posing.

Should I get her an agent? You should have seen her in action, it was like she was on the catwalk.

Between Natalie and her "Made in Italy shoes" and now, Charlotte and her "fashions" I have a hunch I am in some serious trouble. Anyone want to take bets on how long it takes before they ask for some fancy designer jeans? Anyone?

For now, I'll pencil in the job description of Talent and Modeling Agent, right after diet coke enabler. What is another job when I already have 67 other titles? I guess the next title will be the dreaded Stage Mother. Ackkkkkk!

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