Thursday, February 11, 2010

Where in the World was Helene Slutsky?

I always post in the past tense, for security reasons. There are enough freaks and fakers on the internet to make me just a little spooked. I would never post where we are going to be, instead I post about where we have been. It is common blog sense. Otherwise, I could update my posts to say, if you want to stalk me or abduct my children, be here at this time. Duh. Past tense it is.

Since I did not tell you in advance, Jeff had a consulting gig on Monday. I was more than ready to leave Columbus, so I packed up Charlotte and hit the road with him. Charlotte and I tagged along to a mystery destination or two.

That darling Matt Lauer plays the game, Where in the world is Matt Lauer, so I thought, I can do that. See if you can guess where we were? Where in the world was Helene Slutsky, since this is past tense blog.

We watched the super bowl with our friends Sheryl and Rich. We had the traditional super bowl fondue party

complete with a great bottle of a really lovely Cote de Rhone. We each savored every drop as Charlotte and Jeff were rocking with the Super Bowl half time entertainment, TheWho, a band from Jeff's generation!

The game and music on high definition with surround sound was perfec. It was a cozy evening by the warm, cracking wood burning fireplace
with good friends, and a cute little Jack Russell girlie.

Charlotte went to my friend's office to visit. She spent some time in the second grade Sunday school room, since it was Monday and empty.
The bucket of markers were a huge hit, and because Charlotte was without her triplet siblings, she did not have to share any colors or wait her turn. She was loving this opportunity to have her special day.

There was plenty of couch time with the new girlie dog
who became best buddies with Charlotte. They were both so precious to watch.

Since we could not eat every meal at home, there was the most amazing sushi dinner

complete with all you can eat pricing. Nothing says Bon Appetit like a worthy and stellar Sushi Buffet; CHA-CHING.

On day three, spent time just hanging out in the local tourist spots along the shore.

I made Jeff take these photos for the blog. He winces and grimaces everytime I force him to take pictures and someday when the blog becomes a money making adventure, he will smile and snap away, but for now, not so much.

Our hosts have been my friends for more than TWENTY YEARS, so when I took off my slippers and showed them my feet they almost fainted in horror. Back in the day, I was a bi-weekly mani-pedi kind of gal. Of course I had the time and the money to be that way BACK THEN, but now- they were in awe of my un-pedicured paws. I think they were really pretty digusted, so they took pity on my poor feet and we all got our nails did. Shhhhhh, don't tell Jeff but I actually got a pedicure.

A real pedicure. Can you imagine? The nerve of me. Sandals anyone?

Thanks to the wicked winter weather what started off a 36-48 jaunt became a where in the hell WAS Helene Slutsky post.

Any guesses?


Nothing shocks me anymore... said...

That sure looks looks Virginia Beach to me!

Momma said...

Yep, Virginia Beach is my guess too!

Rose Mary said...

I think it's Great Bend, Kansas.

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