Monday, February 22, 2010

Toilet Troubles Part Two

For those of you that have multiples younger than mine, STOP READING THIS POST RIGHT NOW. You have been officially warned to close the page and move along. For my readers with multiples older and wiser than mine, feel free to read along and reminisce about the past. Laugh with me if you like, I am your entertainment, I know, I know.

On New Years 2010 our CJ flushed a plastic toy scoop down my master bathroom toilet reeking havoc on my holiday. We discussed this problem at great length with all the kids and they had a firm understanding that flushing anything that was not pee, poop or toilet paper is strictly forbidden. When asked if we were clear, all of them replied, "CRYSTAL!"

Fast forward to last week, when the toilet in Argenida's bathroom was flushing slowly and pardon my pun, it was flushing half assed. Sometimes it took two flushes, sometimes it needed a plunger and other times it was a total loss. We poured a couple gallons of bleach down the drain hoping it would eat away at any clogs, but alas, no such luck. We suspected foul play.

Thankfully, our same savior, Mark the handyman, came to the rescue.

He removed the entire toilet from the base, and discovered the culprit. Two pencils had been flushed down the toilet, making it passed the pee trap and into the pipe below the surface. He could see the pencils but could not reach them. There was no way to get them out shy of replacing the unit all together.

Mark did not give up and while I was pricing new Kohler commodes, he gave it some serious plumbing effort. This was a job for Mac Gyver plumbing. Using a needle nose pliers, a wire coat hanger, and persistence, Mark managed to wrangle the pencils out of the pee trap, freeing the waste water to go where it should. We dodged the $389 replacement unit and ended up having to just replace a few minor parts. WHEW, TOTAL SIGH OF RELIEF.

In the process, I learned that Kohler toilets are really expensive. I learned that CJ has a mind that is curious about how things work and where stuff goes- and he likes fixing problems by creating more problems. I swear this kid will either channel all of this energy into engineering or he will be in prison for vandalism.

It is a phase I am told. My friend Michele has been here, done this numerous times. Fortunately she did not marry a Jewish businessman. Her husband does this stuff himself, including changing the brakes on her minivan. I am a little jealous of that, I admit it. There are serious advantages to having a nice, generous, caring, loving and wonderful Jewish husband, but repair work and plumbing projects are not one of them.

I consider toilet troubles to be the least of my worries these days. I keep telling myself that if it can be fixed with money, it is not really a problem. My Jewish husband just scoffs and laughs at me, he says as long as I have the money I am right. He is constantly reminding me that the real problem is that we do not have an unlimited resource of money. So I guess my thinking needs to be flushed, as I shell out a hundred bucks here and there to Mark "Mac Gyver" the Handy Man.

If we are keeping count, this is the second plumbing service call of 2010. Toilet Troubles, Post #2. Oy Vay- I am hoping this is the last.

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Nothing shocks me anymore... said...

My nephew flushed a toothbrush down our toilet years ago.. Nothing worked, no one could figure out what the problem was b/c you sould never see anything.. The snake went right by it. Finally my mom was so fed up she replaced the toilet and allowed my brother to toss the old one.. after the thing busted into dozens of pieces we found the culprit. Fingers crossed not much has gone down our toilet and we are (hopefully) out of that experimental phase! *fingers crossed*

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