Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tactical Training

As the wife of a 2nd degree black belt I am in good company. When I am with him, I feel safe. Most of the time, when I am without him, I feel safe too, but that is because I surround myself with the right parts of town, the right times to be alone and the right sense of awareness. After today, I know that this alone is not enough. There is always a wrong place, wrong time, or a lack of awareness.

My husband took the Blauer Tactical civilian training course called, S.P.E.A.R.


Before today's course I had only seen the example photos of the program

on line and featured in the Blauer website. I wondered how little old me was going to manage this kind of training course.

Today, Jeff stayed home and cared for the children so I could attend the day long seminar myself. Jeff is such a supporter and believer in this training, that he sent all of his "women" to the session today. I was in good company with Argenida, Bridgette (Jeff's right arm at the office) and her daughter Stephanie, our babysitter. When we arrived for the training I had very little expectations for how the 8 hour self defense course would benefit me, and after completion, I am blown away.

Our instructor, Tom, came from New York to teach the class. He is the same instructor that taught Jeff, so we had the instant rapport and bonding time about my guy. After a power point presentation about the philosophy of the program we got to business learning to implement our techniques.

This is real life self defense, not some keys to the face, pepper spray bullshit. The class was comprised of military special forces, local police officers, and many extraordinary local women

of all ages, shapes, sizes and physical strength. There were examples of all kinds of scenarios and some personal stories of being attacked in the past. It was heartbreaking to hear the ladies share their experiences.

Here are some action shots of Jeff's women.

These are unedited photos that show the seriousness of the day.

This is no frills, combat style training and as a nice Jewish girl, I was a bit uncertain I could do it. We took turns as the attacker and the victim, rotating through the partners so that we were being attacked by all shapes and sizes of aggressors- take a look at the humongous guns on these guys,

there was not a paunchy, old guy in the bunch. If we are prepared for these types of tough guys, some whimpy creep is going to be sorry.

After a few hours I was practicing my "How Dare You" stance and my spear positioning move, I was ready to beat the shit out of an attacker. This program is designed to teach you to BE YOUR OWN BODYGUARD.

I hope that this kind of confidence and game plan does not have to be used, but if provoked, I can handle myself accordingly. I am no longer relying on Jeff for protection or worse yet, my own smooth verbal negotiating skills and being at the right places at the right times.

The whole day I kept thinking to myself, that this is the kind of valuable skill sets that should be taught to high school girls. Forget home economics, sewing and cheer leading like the crap I was taught. Let's give the ladies something they can use in real life- something that can make a difference in life or death. As I became more and more aware of the force behind this course, I felt empowered. I wished that Amanda could have been with us- she would have whooped some serious ass because she is strong as hell. Jeff and I agreed that she will be taking this training. Since it not offered in school, as parents, this will be a precious life-long gift to her.

So if you had the preconceived notion that this nice, Jewish, suburban Mommie blogger was prepared to do battle just because she had triplets, you are only half right. Now I am both S.P.E.A.R. trained and triplet plus one fierce.

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