Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stuck Inside

My kids LOVE the Funky Mama Music. There is a track on Moo Juice, called Stuck Inside, and they have been signing it for days. The lyrics are perfect for the past couple of snow days when we have been forced to stay home, stay indoors and the kids were indeed, bouncing off the walls. One change in the lyrics from rain to snow and we were so in the zone. This is CJ rocking out with Funky Mama last year,I showed him this photo as we listened to her CD on shuffle repeat, 400 times, while the Direct Tv satellite was down. I logged onto the internet and printed some coloring pages from Funky Mama's website. We were in Funky Mama nirvana while being STUCK INSIDE.

We pulled out the puzzles and crossed an hour off the clock yesterday.

Stuck Inside tip 101- keep a stash of puzzles from the dollar store on hand, and break them out when you are trapped indoors with no end in sight. Nothing kills time like a new jigsaw puzzle.

Stuck Inside 102 is to let the kids invent their own new games, like this one: Jump on Daddy while Yo Gabba Gabba is on the DVR in the background.

I like to call this, Annoy the Piss out of Daddy while Mommie takes photos for the blog. This game is a slam dunk crowd pleaser.

Then there is the old stand by: Bath and Shower in the middle of the day. My kids took both a bath in the morning, and a mid afternoon shower yesterday. They smelled great and were busy for two hours. The end result were some double conditioned, curly curlies on Charlotte

and CJ. I love this added bonus. STUCK INSIDE with great hair- Score!

Just so that we are clear- this was a serious, LEVEL II snow emergency. For those of you who live in the desert (you know who you are) this means you are forbidden to be on the road unless you are absolutely required to go to work- like medical personnel or snow plow drivers. Even if I wanted to escape the house and kids, I could not do it without risking a fine. I seriously doubt the police would buy my triplets plus one insanity defense, although yesterday there were times when I considered it. At one point, during the afternoon, we (GASP!) ran out of diet coke. I was not only confined to the house with Jeff and the kids, I had to be here while Jeff was having Diet Coke withdrawals. STUCK INSIDE. THE HOUSE. NO DIET COKE RESERVES. It was not pretty, in fact, it was downright ugly.

So if there is a G-d, there will be school on Wednesday and there will be a diet coke run to Giant Eagle. Amen.

No disrespect to the original Funky Mama, but this Mama in a funk, needs to be released from house arrest, I am officially sick of being STUCK INSIDE.


Funky Mama said...

This made me laugh REALLY hard. :)

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

I aim to please Funky Mama.

Forecast for 34 degrees now, whooo hoooo a heat wave.

April said...

OH WOW! I have been following your blog for a few weeks or so now, but haven't been on lately. Well while catching up, I noticed your pictures, of VA BCH! That's where I live! Neat!! Right now I'm in Minnesota, where I'll deliver my BBB Triplets, because my husband is deployed, and this is incase I get put on bedrest. But anyways. NEat! I am excited to come back and join the TMOMC. Not sure if you're in that or not. Anyhow, just thought it was neat to find another triplet mom from the same area!

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